Jabong And PUMA Launch #GearUpBuddies - The First Ever Digital Fashion Fitness Campaign With Chitrangda Singh

Jabong and PUMA's #GearUpBuddies is a month-long digital campaign where PUMA brand ambassador Chitrangda Singh will teach various fitness regimes while showcasing PUMA fitness wear in an interactive video


Jabong.com, one of India’s leading fashion and lifestyle ecommerce company has joined hands with PUMA, one of the world’s leading sports brands, to drive the consumer towards being fashionably fit. The partnership will see a unique month-long digital fitness campaign called ‘Gear Up Buddies’ with PUMA’s Fitness Ambassador and Bollywood actress, Chitrangda Singh and 3 of her fitness buddies, where fans can win an opportunity to work out with her as her fourth gear up buddy.

‘Gear Up Buddies’, in addition to showcasing PUMA’s fashionable fitness wear on Chitrangda, will also feature various fitness routines with her 3 fitness buddies (Nupur, Sucheta Pal and Shayamal) in an interactive video. The idea is that working out will be a better experience if one is in fashionable wear and also with one’s buddies.

A viewer can interact with the video and try out the different fitness regimes like running, zumba and crossfit. Interestingly, fans can score through various online activities and stand a chance to be Chitrangda’s fourth fitness buddy. Jabong has created a dedicated website with the help of Brandmovers, a leading engagement marketing and digital agency, which will steer ‘Gear Up Buddies’ on digital.

Gear Up Buddies goes interactive

The interactive video which is nearly 26 minutes long, has over 1700 annotations, making it the first ever ‘most annotated YouTube video’ by a brand. It begins with Chitrangda introducing the concept and is then accompanied by one of her fitness buddy who asks you to click on any of the fitness regimes you would like to watch - running, zumba and crossfit. Each of the regimes has Chitrangda and the buddies wearing a different fitness gear. I clicked on Zumba as it sounded something fun!

The website features the interactive video and tickers beside it that enables a viewer to click on a fitness item they have liked and buy it directly from Jabong. It also provides a platform where one can be Chitrangda’s fourth gear up buddy. One needs to earn buddy points by sharing their fitness stories/workouts through tweets, stories, images or videos. One can also win buddy points by shopping for PUMA merchandise on Jabong!


Scoring points is a weighted one and goes like this: 50 points for registering, 20 points for tweeting and 50 points for sharing your fitness story, 100 points for sharing images, 250 points for video stories. Additionally, you can earn 1000 points and 2000 points for buying PUMA gear on Jabong worth upto Rs. 3999 and above Rs. 4000 respectively.

For registering, you can enter your email and phone number and login with either Facebook or Twitter id. I registered and made 50 points, besides being given an idea to make 100 bonus points. In addition, one can also share the initiative on Facebook or Twitter through the sharing buttons at the top, and win bonus points for that. The PUMA fitness board keeps track of all the entries and the high scorers.

Gear Up Buddies social buzz

Jabong’s Facebook page, which has more than 1.6 million fans, has already geared up for the campaign with a brand new cover photo. Twitter has been creating the most buzz though, with the hashtag #AskChitrangda trending on top 10 India Twitter trends yesterday. The hashtag was part of a contest where the Jabong Twitter handle invited users to ask Chitrangda a question and win PUMA goodies. In addition, #gearupbuddy hashtag has been sharing live events updates and pictures.

The brand also conducted a Google Plus Hangout with the brand ambassador where fashion and fitness bloggers got a chance to talk to Chitrangda. The 14-minute video now uploaded on YouTube has bloggers asking her questions on her fitness and beauty regime, as well as her shopping interests.

Ecommerce and digital go hand in hand

Gear Up Buddies is a well-defined digital campaign that will also impact sales. For an ecommerce brand, going digital makes sense and while at it, associating with a sports brand like PUMA to create live interactions using video is an amazing idea. While PUMA promotes its fitness wear to the relevant target group, Jabong engages with its online community and keeps them involved with contests and goodies.

Moreover, the clever campaign also helps push sales for the brands. Buying PUMA gear on Jabong has added incentives this month, thanks to the campaign where one can earn loads of points for their online purchases.

Apart from the opportunity to work out with a Bollywood star, ‘Gear up buddies’ is giving away many incentives to help spread the initiative on social networks. The Twitter contests coupled with the blogger Hangout on Google Plus sure helps in gearing up more segments in the socially connected online world. However, the interactive video is the best thing here as it is not only a useful piece of content for the community, but also helps a viewer to see the variety in the fitness wear category.

All in all, Gear Up Buddies is a win-win campaign for both the brands as well as the community, what do you think?