#itscooltorepeat, A Twitter Campaign By Priyanka Chopra, Really?

About the Twitter campaign supported by actor, Priyanka Chopra '#itscooltorepeat', where she states its cool to repeat your clothes, but the campaign has no tweet by her


Priyanka Chopra has a message for her 3 million followers on Twitter. Its called #itscooltorepeat. Priyanka says that its cool to repeat your outfits and accessories through a Twitter campaign, which has been started by her stylist, Ami Patel. For eons now, the fashion media pundits have been lampooning celebrities the world over for repeating their fashion statements at events. And Priyanka seems to be all set to put an end to all this by promoting #itscooltorepeat.

When I heard about this in the news, I was really excited to find out more about the Twitter campaign. I searched for #itscooltorepeat and found a good number of tweets supporting it but not so much done to promote it. I don’t follow Bollywood actors nor do I bother with the fashion trends in the world, but I was interested in the usage of Twitter by an actor who has more than 3m followers and is second only to the reigning Twitter king, Amitabh Bachchan, and is really fighting it close with Shahrukh Khan and his 3m+ followers.

So, I sneaked into Priyanka‘s Twitter page but couldn’t find a single tweet referring to #itscooltorepeat other than this retweet for Ami‘s tweet:


After making her debut single ‘In my city’, the actor has moved on to try her hand at DJing in between of which she manages to tweet regularly on her Twitter page. I see a constant barrage of tweets but nothing about the said campaign as stated in the media. It’s her stylist who started with a few tweets saying its cool to repeat. Ami has also uploaded the above picture and asked fans about the event at which Priyanka had worn the silvertops before.

Post this, I see the media has caught on with the concept, labelling it as a ‘Twitter campaign’ by Priyanka Chopra. Most of the stories carry her opinion behind the concept of the campaign but it ends there. The rest of the #itscooltorepeat movement is being fuelled by the follower brigade – the 3m tweeps who follow Priyanka and the media. Misleading totally!

Interesting concept and choice of platform but a lot more needs to be done for spreading your message through a Twitter campaign, Priyanka. How about starting with a simple tweet to your followers?