ITC Grand Chola Launches With A Fun Game ‘Tweets For Treats’

The ITC Grand Chola, a 5-star luxury hotel built as a tribute to the Chola kings, is celebrating its launch by offering you the chance to experience the era of magnificence and splendour of the Chola dynasty, with a game 'Tweets for treats'.


The ITC Grand Chola, a 5-star luxury hotel built as a tribute to the Chola kings, is celebrating its launch by offering you the chance to experience the era of magnificence of the Chola dynasty, with a game called ‘Tweets for treats’.

The newly built palace hotel by ITC in the heart of Chennai, the ‘ITC Grand Chola’ reeks of magnificence and splendour, just as the temples in the Chola dynasty. One glance even at the pictures and you could be completely enamoured by its grandeur. Now imagine if you could experience a little of all this luxury.

The ITC Grand Chola, in celebration of the launch, has announced a game called ‘Tweets for treats’ where you need to click, share or tweet to win a treat. Treats could be gourmet experiences, spa sojourns or even surprises at this luxury hotel. All you need to do is access the specially created microsite to enter ‘Tweets for treats.

About Tweets for treats

‘Tweets for treats’ is a luck based game, so don’t bother to brush up your knowledge about anything. If you can only tweet, then you can experience life like a Chola king, so remember to get your tweeting skills right. The microsite that the game is hosted on, has been designed keeping a fine balance between fun and elegance. Once you click ‘enter’, you are welcomed to play. But, you can always explore more about the Grand Chola through the links at the bottom. The images are sure to take your breath away!


The game works like this: the center counter at 6850 (also known as glory points) keeps incrementing with every tweet by participants. This also means that 6850 tweets have been made until now. When you click on the ‘Treats’ button, you can find lovely treats waiting to be had when glory points reach 7000, 7500 and 8000 with 2 hidden treats in them as well. The next treat is displayed in the moving ticker box.  Newer treats keep getting added every day so the trick is to keep tweeting as often as you can, but the rules of the game restrict you to 20 tweets per day.

The Glory Board is like the leader board that keeps getting updated in real-time with the names of winners and the treat they have won. Click ‘Watch the video’ if you need to view ‘Tweets for treats’ visually.

The vertical ‘Tweet’ button greets you with a set of framed tweets that talk about the Grand Chola, which will be appended with the hashtag #TweetsforTreats at the end. Select one of these or put your own in the textbox. Similarly, you can also share ready-made posts on Facebook when you click the vertical ‘Share’ button.

How good is it?

Tweets for treats is a cool concept for a luxury hotel to indulge in. This must be a first in the hospitality industry when a luxury hotel celebrates its launch by offering lucky treats at the hotel. It might not translate into increased bookings but ‘Tweets for treats’ has indeed helped spread the word in the social media space. In terms of objective, it’s a winner.

However, the Twitter counter game is not unique. Retail major, Shoppers Stop did come out with a similar Twitter game for the first time in India this June, but we are yet to know the goal behind it as Shoppers Stop did not launch anything. All one had to do to participate was tweet with the hashtag #SSTweetStore with all the action being captured through a beautiful microsite. You could see the tweets rolling by at the bottom along with a live update of the counter as well.

When I compare the two, I find the fun quotient was high at the Shoppers Stop game and Facebook was not involved in it. SStweetstore was purely a Twitter game, whereas ‘Tweets for treats’ uses Facebook too. And, what I did not like about ‘Tweets for treats’ microsite is that it does not display the clicks, shares and tweets that are being updated in real time.

However, like I said ‘Tweets for treats’ has a great objective and relevant prizes. So, although it maybe low on fun, it is high on value addition for the brand. The treats give you a little taste of the luxury!

Have you tweeted for your treat yet? Do let me know what you think about ‘Tweets for treats’.