ITC Grand Chola Calls For Photographers For A Glimpse Of Paradise

A review of 'Glimpse of Paradise' by ITC Grand Chola, where participants need to upload their best photographs and win an all expenses paid trip to the luxury hotel to capture its beauty through their lens

The ITC Grand Chola is back with a bang on social media. The luxury hotel situated in the centre of Chennai, has launched ‘Glimpse of Paradise’ for the discerning photographer in you. At the core, Glimpse of Paradise is a photo feature contest aimed at providing the online audience with a sneak preview of what the hotel has to offer through user generated photography. From the initial group of submissions made, the jury will select the best 3 who would then win an all-expenses paid trip to the majestic ITC Grand Chola, to indulge in its sights and sounds and capture its splendour through their lens.

In Phase 1 of the Glimpse of Paradise, one needs to share photographs that have been clicked by them under the themes of cultural heritage, architecture and artistry, serene vistas, culinary extravagance or any fleeting moment of magnificence and luxury. In Phase 2, these photographers will be invited to the Grand Chola to capture and share their individual experiences through rich imagery on the Glimpse of Paradise website.

Glimpse of Paradise

A dedicated microsite hosts the contest, which is a delight to the eyes. The home page is basically divided into 4 categories – ‘The contest’ which explains about the idea of the contest, ‘Grand Gallery’ which houses all the user submissions, ‘Upload now’ where you get the submission form and ‘ITC Grand Chola’ which leads to its website.


Gallery is an array of uploaded photos, which can be liked, and shared on Facebook or Twitter.

You need to sign in through your Facebook or Twitter login to participate. There is a provision to upload 5 pictures each from your social logins of Facebook and Twitter, thus making it a maximum of 10 pictures for an individual submission. Every picture needs to have a caption describing it. To increase chances of being selected, ask your friends and family to like your photo submissions on the website.

Besides, if you are a photography enthusiast and have a website to showcase your portfolio, there is a provision to share its link on the form. This will also be taken into consideration for the Phase 1 shortlisting. You can also mention if you have a DSLR or a smartphone and what  model/make it is.

A glimpse of paradise?

Contests around user-generated content although passé, still manage to attract crowds. Storytelling has stepped up with visuals taking a larger mindspace. Glimpse of Paradise seeks to capture that impulsive urge in most of us to capture a moment of grandeur, and create a digital chatter at the same time. Enabling the community to display their shots on the site, helps create a bond with them. And, above all, giving a chance to the best 3 photographers to capture the splendor of the luxury hotel, is a cool idea; one that works out better than hiring a professional photographer!

An app on the brand’s Facebook page also leads one to the microsite, after they ‘like’ the page, thus helping to build its community.

The ITC Grand Chola made its mark as a social savvy brand right from its launch late last year. The luxury hotel had launched ‘Tweets for Treats‘, where contestants needed to click, share or tweet to win a treat. These treats could be anything from gourmet experiences, spa sojourns to complete surprises at the hotel.

Glimpse of Paradise does manage to create a buzz, however, it needs to be moderated as all contests with user-generated content need to be.  I uploaded a photograph which went straight to the gallery, whereas I expected it to be sent for moderation before being put up on it.

Else, it is going good and will go a long way in building the visual imagery of a brand by the community. What are your views?