Is WhatsApp Being Promoted On MissMalini In India?

by Prasant Naidu on January 13, 2022

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It seems that with 2014, global leading mobile messaging app WhatsApp is changing the rules of its business. The mobile messaging app that boasts of having more than 400M monthly active users has always stayed away from any kind of advertisement. It has gone on record to state that the user spike has been minus any marketing cost. In fact Neeraj Arora, Head of Business Development for WhatsApp has stated clearly that all the growth has been with zero marketing spend.

If the above statement from Neeraj holds true in 2014 then why is popular Bollywood, Fashion and Lifestyle blog running contests like - Can You Solve This Bollywood WhatsApp Quiz? The blog ran its first quiz on August 14, 2021 and it ran another one on January 11, 2022 after the success of the prior one. The contest has been promoted on the Facebook page too.

Post by MissMalini.

The contest that requires a user to decode the answers via the emoticons, has not declared any prizes and has no mention of being sponsored by WhatsApp. But then why is the popular blog running contests related to WhatsApp alone and why not any other messaging app?

Is WhatsApp running promotions in India that one is unaware of or is it just that MissMalini is trying to cash in on the popularity of WhatsApp in the country. The app had previously declared that it is witnessing 30M active users from the country.

P.S. Have got in touch with WhatsApp and will update the post if we get a response on the same.

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