Is The Bollywood Movie Kahaani Viral On Facebook?

The bollywood movie Kahaani has started its promotional campaign and its trying to engage on social media too. The move is okay but its not viral at all .

Kahaani the new Bollywood movie starring Vidya Balan as the main protagonist is all about to hit cinema halls by March 9, 2012. It is understood that the movie will use all forms of promotion to gather more and more eyeballs and not to say that Viacom 18 Motion Pictures who are the distributors of the movie are trying to do something different.  Keeping in mind the theme of the movie where a seven-month pregnant woman played by Vidya is on a mission to find her missing husband – Arnab Bagchi, the marketing team has started a “Missing” campaign and Facebook has been integrated well with this campaign.

The marketing team for phase one of its campaign has designed pencil sketches of Arnab Bagchi and circulated in neighborhoods. Along with the sketch you will also find the details of Arnab and a Facebook url of its fan page. So if you know about any whereabouts of Arnab Bagchi then you will have to go and share on the Facebook fan page. Along with this the fan page has an interesting landing page which reveals the details once you have liked the page. You get to see a small video of Vidya telling you that how it all happened and if you find any details then post it on the Facebook page.

Landing Page

Is the Facebook campaign really ‘Viral’ ?

The campaign that has been devised for the films promotion is interesting and reminds me of the 3 Idiots promotion where Aamir was missing and would come out in different avatars. The fact that the team of Kahaani has taken the help of social media is a smart move but then it is not that impressive.

1. The posters that were circulated with the pencil sketch is quite a cool idea bringing out the harsh reality about how many people go missing today too without we caring for them. However the moment the Facebook link is displayed the person is aware that this is a promotional campaign and not reality. Marketers may debate that my poster has done the job but then the other objective is that you want to drive that offline guy to the online community on Facebook. So to do that he will have to keep that paper with him so he can access the link whenever he is online. Don’t you think the chances to do so are less. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a mechanism that could have directly taken me to the online Facebook page from the poster. Designer QR codes that Aircel implemented last year during International bowling championship could have been one of the ways.  One would debate that economically it will not be possible to do so but at least one could have tried on bigger posters which they had placed in malls.

2. Apart from one fan, no one else has given any thoughts on the campaign. The campaign right now is bit confusing because if I see the poster then I am not sure what I am supposed to do until I am aware of any where about of Arnab Bagchi. Rest if you go to the Facebook wall there you are being told that if you see the poster in your locality then click the image, upload the picture on the Kahaani Facebook page to win merchandise. Now this is very interesting as this is no where being told to me offline and neither on the landing page of the Facebook fan page. Is the marketing team expecting a fan to scroll the entire page and find out about the contest?

Image Courtesy: Facebook Page

3. The fan page does have a good community close to 65,000 fans and out of which close to 39,000 people are talking to it, which is really a good sign. However not much support has been shown by fans for this campaign. Apart from this the marketing team is seriously is not aware of Facebook promotional guidelines as it is declaring results and contact details on the wall itself which is not accepted by Facebook. ((Click here to know more about Facebook guidelines))

4. Finally the campaign seems to be only for awareness purpose on social media but then are we not willing to see people from Facebook watch the movie at theaters. A little brainstorming could have helped more in terms of engagement and deciphering the ROI thing too.

As I read in AFAQS that the campaign has some more stages that are to be revealed in the coming days but really when the word “Viral” is being used to describe the campaign then I am amused. It is definitely a good move, one can say but other than that it is not at all a path breaking or viral campaign.

Bollywood embracing social media with both hands is of no surprise but the campaign that has been executed by Kahaani is good when it is offline; the synchronization on social media is not at all impressive. Do you think the campaign is clueless on social media or should I have patience?

Slider Image Courtesy: Kahaani Facebook Page