Is Orkut Still Popular In India?

by Prasant Naidu on June 12, 2012

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Vincenzo Cosenza updates his ‘world map of social networks’ twice a year. The edition of June 2012 was published yesterday as reported by The Next Web. According to TNW, Vincenzo has taken 137 countries into consideration while preparing the report and he does with the help of Alexa and Google Trends for finding the websites traffic data.

world map of social networks

As you can see in the above image, Facebook has its presence felt more or less in the entire world. Out of 137 countries, Facebook is the leading social network in 126 countries and Europe is the largest continent on Facebook with 232 million users, says Vincenzo.

Along with Facebook, V Kontakte and Odnoklassniki are dominant in Russian speaking countries like Tencent’s QZone is the leader in China. Zing, Drauglem and Cloob are preferred in Vietnam, Latvia and Iran respectively.

TNW also shares a table that lists the top three social networks in selected countries:

social networks in india

The data provided for India states that Facebook and LinkedIn at number one and two respectively, which are not really surprising. However, it is interesting to see that Orkut is still one of the popular networks in India and has been ranked at the third position. Unofficially we are aware that Orkut is no more the most active social network in India and as confirmed by Vincenzo, the study has been done on total number of users.

Some time back, TCS had published a comprehensive school level survey that highlighted how the young generation is adopting various social networking sites. The survey included Indian children between the ages of 12 and 18. It was conducted in 12 cities and over 12,300 students participated as it, as was reported by The survey, which took account of metros and non-metros shared that 85% have registered on Facebook and 43% have also registered on Orkut. Surprisingly, Orkut stands at the second position ahead of Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

social networks on india among school kids

Is Orkut still popular?

I don’t think it is still popular but may have the user base, although inactive. Both the reports account for the total number of users and not the active users. Why Orkut is still alive and how Google wants to integrate it with Google Plus, is a story that is yet under covers, although had reported some time back that now you can connect your Google Plus with Orkut. Apart from this news , nothing much has happened in Orkut in terms of feature upgradation. So we will have to wait and watch to see what happens with Orkut.

Meanwhile, do you think Orkut will phase out with time or we may have some surprises in the near future?

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  • ct

    orkut is king of social sites baap of all ok orkut ki jai facebook sucks

    • Dicaprio Besent


  • ct

    ban facebook in india , facebook will soon die new social sites like google plus linked in twitter my space hi5 plaxo etc will conquer it over a period sure orkut will previal still

  • csharpdflat

    Twitter is still only popular in Metros, while Orkut has its share of users still mostly in towns..If they are only looking at registration stats, Orkut would surely be leading. But in terms of engagement and share of voice on Social Media, still has a lot of catching up to do.

    • Prasant Naidu

      I have a feeling orkut has dead accounts. the problem is that they are not revealing how many active users are out there in orkut.

      • Rohan Ranade

        Agree With You.. We Dont know How Many Active Users Exists on Orkut.!! Even the Calculation of “Active Users” has changed!!

        • Prasant Naidu

          Facebook has entirely different definition of active users and there is no way to get the data of active users. i had a word with Vincenzo Cosenza on this and he said it is not possible.

  • Sudhir Krishnan

    Twitter is very Urban.Since its microblogging,only the educated people and those on Twitter with something to say will log in.Rest of them will continue to be on other sites like facebook,Orkut.I feel Orkut is much better than Facebook while Twitter is for people who have something to say

    • Prasant Naidu

      I don’t know why do you have a feeling that orkut is for educated people. i think it is not only about saying but a network for one to one conversation.
      Facebook is definitely far ahead from orkut. orkut was good initially but it never evolved. thanks for your comments :)

  • isomesh

    I think Orkut should do something in mobile space if it is looking forward to reinvent itself. Tweeting – Scrapping…something on those lines. It has a good user base even now. So, if it can engage people from those mini metros then may be it can do something good.
    It was my first love :)

  • zoneofsilence

    No. the spark is gone. I forget the last time i used Orkut. Orkut was the first entrant but faded too fast. Nothing interesting over a period of time!

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