Is Don Draper Obsolete In Today’s Content Marketing Age #SXSW

Jamie Reilly, Linda Boff, Maya Kosovalic and Stephanie Losee at #SXSW discuss on content marketing and how Don Draper ads are obsolete

Today content drives the entire campaign. No one is interested in the traditional product ads, specially the younger lot isn’t interested at all. From branded entertainment and viral video to native advertising and social media presence, the real innovation, creative energy and money in digital marketing seems headed away from traditional advertising. It is all about content now.

Today brands have turned into publishers and building digital media experience to reach out to the niche audiences in countless smaller channels with custom content that is relevant to that consumer. So does that mean Don Draper is obsolete?

The panel - Jamie Reilly, Linda Boff, Maya Kosovalic and Stephanie Losee at #SXSW had half an hour to discuss on “Content Marketing vs Don Draper“.

Listed are some of the insights from the panel discussion that happened on day one of #SXSW 2015:

Insights from GE - Linda Boff

Insights from L’Oreal - Maya Kosovalic

Insights from Dell - Stephanie Losee

Looks like the event was a crowd-puller on day one.

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