Is Delhi Daredevils Trying Hard To Engage On Facebook?

An article on how Delhi Daredevils is Trying Hard to Engage on Facebook with various contests such as Front Foot Pe, Make a mascot contest, etc.

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This year I’m not sure about the response for IPL by fans but for marketers, IPL provides a big outlet of marketing on Social Media. Last year we had seen most of the IPL teams trying to create their presence on social media but this year I believe that it is going to grow big. Delhi Daredevils,one of the IPL teams captained under the dare devil, Virender Sehwag has already started some interesting contests and trying to drive engagement through them. Delhi Daredevils started with Khelo Front Foot Pe contest recently, (now only open for voting) has launched another one named “Make a Mascot” contest.

With a fan base of more than 2 lakh fans, Delhi Daredevils has started some interesting contests in the past for its fans to go for it and in a way increase the online support of the team. “Khelo Front Foot Pe” is a contest that is going to test your front foot drive skills in a funny and innovative way.

Delhi daredevils facebook contest
'Front Foot Pe' contest is still on

The contest is simple and not much of a brainer but giving Delhi Daredevils merchandise is a good incentive to fans. However, what is interesting is that even though the contest is closed on 24th Feb according to Terms & Conditions, it is still open and accepting videos. In fact the page admins are asking fans to upload videos which is confusing. Nevertheless the app that has been designed follows the guidelines of Facebook and I was happy to see the app functioning properly even though I stopped the app from posting on my behalf. Most of the apps refuse to work if you don’t allow them. The app is all about videos so it would have been great if it could show me the most voted videos or the funny ones. Browsing them all one by one is bit of an ask from fans.

Along with the “Khelo Front Foot Pe”, there is another contest called the Make a Mascot running too. The contest, which ends on 20th march, requires you to draw a mascot that would go with the Delhi Daredevils team and upload it. Once you are done with the upload then simply share with your friends and try to get the maximum number of votes. People with highest votes are ranked accordingly in the Leaderboard section in the app. Maximum votes can make you stand a chance to win an exclusive invite to the Delhi Daredevils Mascot unveiling ceremony and along with this, the top three on the leaderboard also stand a chance to win Delhi Daredevil merchandise.

delhi daredevils facebook contest make a mascot
'Make a Mascot' Contest

The contest is exciting but then it has no entries in the gallery for now, maybe it’s too early. However, the one thing is not clear is what happens with the mascot of the winner. Will it be used or displayed somewhere? I think even if they make it the display picture giving credit to the creator for sometime, can create a lot of positive world of mouth for the brand. Apart from that the prizes give a feel that the brand is stingy by giving key chains to participants!

I think with the IPL coming close we will see much more of such contests. However the contests that Delhi Daredevils have started off are not that innovative. Uploading videos and mascot creating ideas are pretty old and the social media or the digital team needs to think more in terms of engagement and increase the number of people talking, which is not more than 5% of the total fan count.

Do you think Delhi Daredevils needs to think more smartly and innovatively in terms of Facebook engagement or am I being too critical?

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