Ipsos Global Study: 29% Indians Admit They Text, Email, Or Use Social Media While Driving Compared To 22% Globally

About 29% Indians who drive indicate they text, email, or use social media while they are driving compared to 22 percent globally according a new poll conducted by Ipsos OTX

Activities by users on social media are increasing with the growing number of smart phone users in the country. These activities are on the rise even while driving. According to a latest poll conducted by Ipsos OTX – the global innovation center for Ipsos, the world’s third largest market and opinion research firm, about three in ten (29%) Indians who drive indicate they text, email, or use social media while they are driving (even when they’re at a stop sign or a red light) compared to 22 percent globally.

IPSOS Indain social media study

The study’s findings were based upon 14,160 drivers conducted by Ipsos globally; the number of respondents from India was 851 drivers. The study reported by Adgully, however highlights that a majority of Indian driving respondents (71%) say they do not perform any text, email, or social media activities while they are driving.

The study also highlighted some more disturbing facts that might be worth noting:

1. The countries with the highest proportions of drivers indicating they have texted, emailed or used social media while driving are from: Saudi Arabia (43%), South Africa (41%), South Korea (33%), India (29%), China (27%), United States (27%), Brazil (25%) and Russia (25%).

2. In India as those under the age of 35 years (34%) are most likely to say “yes” they engage in the behaviour of doing such activities while driving, compared with those 35-49 years (25%) and those 50-64 years (14%).

3. Indian male drivers (31%) are more likely to use their smart phone while driving compared to 26 percent female.

4. Communicating digitally while in the car appears to be highly related to a person’s work life as those who are employed (32%) are more likely than those unemployed (17%) to say “yes”.

These findings are only based upon 851 drivers and on the trust factor of the 71 percent who say that they never have involved in any kind of such activities while driving. Besides the male female ratio could be questioned since we are not aware about the male female ratio amongst the drivers who were questioned.

Nevertheless, activities like these only raises the percentage of accidental death in the country and the same has been shared by Biswarup Banerjee, Head Marketing Communications, Ipsos in India while commenting on the findings,

“Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of accidental death in India, and using a phone while driving significantly increases the risk of accidents. Trying to do two visual tasks at once hurt performance in both tasks significantly, sadly many people have this overconfidence in how well they can multitask which may prove fatal.”