These 5 Charts Show How IPL 8 And The Teams Are Performing On Social Media

Data provided by Simplify360 shows how IPL 8 and its teams are performing on social media

pespi IPL 8 social media

It is the eighth season of the cash-rich, entertainment-laced T20 style cricket - Indian Premier League. The excitement on field and on social media hasn’t seen much of a dip even after the ghost of match fixing once again returned last season. Like every season before the sun sets competing teams occupy the Twitter trends and so do the brands who are trying to cash in from the IPL madness. For instance as I write, #FunjabiFunde is trending at the top of India Twitter trends.

The month long cricket madness has been gaining more eyeballs on Twitter than Facebook. According to Simplify 360, social media monitoring and analytics tool, IPL 8 till date has received more than 88% of buzz on Twitter with 11% from Facebook. According to Twitter the game generated more than 74.7 million live impressions within first eight days of the eighth edition of IPL

While the game has been through a fortnight, Simplify 360 has revealed some interesting data points to give you an understanding how well IPL 8 is scoring on social media. Listed below are 5 charts that would tell you how IPL 8 and the playing teams are performing on social media. Click here for the full report from Simplify360 on IPL 8 monitored from April 7th, 2015 - April 16th 2015.

1. Twitter is where the maximum buzz happens for IPL 8 on social media.


2. After India, US and Pakistan lead the maximum buzz for IPL 8 across the globe.


3. KKR is the favourite IPL team on Facebook with more than 11 million fans.


4. CSK is the favourite IPL team on Twitter with 1.4 million followers.


5. IPL opening ceremony received one lakh views on YouTube.

Image credit: Facebook