Interview With Vineet Gupta, Managing Partner, 22Feet [Video]

Video interview with Vineet Gupta, Managing Director, 22Feet about the agency, social media campaigns and the road ahead.


Social media marketing as a profession has become quite commonplace now. There are too many self proclaimed social media gurus.  But then there are practitioners who let their work do the talking. One such campaign that took me by surprise in recent times is the ongoing Fastrack campaign. The brand has posed a challenge to the fans and if the fans are up for it then Fastrack is ready to change its name. Now the big question here is not about the name change but the gumption to go ahead and challenge its fans. Fastrack implemented the idea in association with its trusted digital agency, 22Feet.

22Feet has been in the industry for the last four years and has offices in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. With brands like Fastrack, Kingfisher, Peter England, etc. the agency is arguably one of the best agencies in India doing some interesting work in the Indian social media space.

So, this sounded like a perfect time to get in touch with the agency to know it’s thoughts on social media, the campaigns of 2012 and the road ahead. I invited Vineet Gupta who is the Managing Partner at 22Feet to be my guest at Conversations, an online video series with people who are changing the world of social media in India.

We spoke about quite a few areas in social media. The video conversation shared below focuses on areas such as:

Youth Marketing

Once the introduction rounds were over, my first question to Vineet was on the youth market and how have they cracked it. “At 22Feet thinking about youth comes naturally and this is because of the team and the culture we have build at our workplace,” shared Vineet. He further added that everything they do is by design and since it comes naturally it has helped their clients too.

Favourite social media campaigns

The list is quite big as Vineet shared but what matters to them is the journey. With clients like Fastrack, the agency has been working for more than three years now. Some of the campaigns that they did with brands like Fastrack, Peter England and Heineken Social Reporter hunt in India are close to his heart. He further shared how 22Feet helped these brands to increase their foot prints in their markets. 22Feet has always tried to stay true and never tried force fitting things which do not go well with the brand, since the medium is all about authenticity and relationships.

Non Branded hashtags on Twitter

On a personal level, Vineet is strongly against non-branded hashtags, beyond a certain point it doesn’t do much for the brand. However, non branded hashtags that are seamlessly tied to a brand like for instance #JagoRe helps the brand. But hashtags like change something with a movie name makes no sense to Vineet as there is no brand association.

Measuring and monitoring

As an agency Vineet shared that 22Feet is up for everything that helps a brand. The market has seen lot of tools and apps but apart from a few, the data provided by most of them is still in question. Right now 22Feet is playing with couple of tools but Vineet feels that there still is a long way to go since the volume of conversations in most of the categories is still to pick up.

Going Forward

For Vineet social is not a Facebook or a Twitter strategy but a fabric of the web. Going forward his biggest belief is that social is much beyond platforms and the future is about how brands leverage social outside of the social platforms. In other words, the fabric remains the same but the efforts that are put into going social is much beyond the platform itself.

It was quite interesting to listen to Vineet and his thoughts, I had my share of takeaways and hope you would also have some from the conversation.

P.S. The article has been edited to reflect the change in the designation of Vineet from Managing Director to Managing Partner at 22Feet.