Twoly Madly Deeply Is Not A Dating Site But A Relationship Site Based On Social Discovery, Says Founder Chaitanya Ramalingegowda

Chaitanya Ramalingegowda Founder & CEO at TwolyMadlyDeeply talks about his verified singles site and how the startup is connecting users based on interests on the platform.

Finding a partner is tough for independent singles today. And finding a like-minded individual is even tougher. Singles in India have two choices to help find a partner – 1) Dating site, and 2) Matrimonial site.

In India logging into a dating site is as good as visiting a porn site, and that is one of the reasons why females prefer to stay away from dating sites. With matrimonial sites the pressure is always to get married from day one and the entire family is involved. These were the major findings of a survey conducted across India, and these survey results helped Chaitanya Ramalingegowda found TwolyMadlyDeeply, a relationship site with social discovery.


“We don’t want the world to call us a dating site. We believe in finding a like-minded partner for you based on your interests and likings,” expressed Chaitanya, while on a telephonic conversation to understand how he intends to revolutionize the business of online relationship making.

The serial entrepreneur shared that today’s generation has less focus on caste and other specifics.

“They might want to marry in the same religion just for their parent’s sake but weightage is for like-minded people with similar interests,” shared Chaitanya.

Discovery of profiles on interests

Seeing this as a big opportunity, Chaitanya went on to create a verified singles community – TwolyMadlyDeeply, which lives by “Happily Un-arranged” tag. The like minded community has been in the public domain for the last eight months powered by a team of eight people.

Apart from being a verified community, one of the interesting features provided by the platform is ‘having no search’.

“We don’t want singles to search for their partners based on filters like cast, creed, etc. Instead we have created a Pinterest style activity board which will make the discovery of people social and interest based.

The board allows users to post their thoughts and likings. Based on your activity, users can interact and that’s the way forward for relationships to bloom on TwolyMadlyDeeply,” added Chaitanya.

Like-minded offline events

Besides this the social discovery relationship site is providing incentives for users to participate on the activity board and is also conducting offline events for like-minded couples. Elaborating on the different activities, Chaitanya explained,

“Social discovery becomes better with user participation so we are providing incentives to users on their activities on the platform. Besides this we are having offline events like recently we did with YourStory for the single entrepreneurs present in Bangalore. We are also conducting creative workshops to bring forward like-minded people.”

These events, which happen once in a month, are slowly picking up pace and the platform is soon going to touch a thousand plus registrations.

But aren’t “Fake Profiles” the biggest challenge for such relationship platforms?

Chaitanya had no qualms in accepting that the biggest challenge for his startup is the existence of fake profiles.

“Our system is not foolproof as it is very difficult to get verified data in our country. Nevertheless, we are trying to make our services better and foolproof. We have tied up with a verification agency that provides a higher seal of approval to the profiles and in a way motivates others to go for it.”

Road ahead for TwolyMadlyDeeply

Going forward the bootstrapped startup has some bright plans in store. Chaitanya wishes to add an eCommerce store that would sell relationship products for the users on the platform. Besides this the startup’s core design principle has been more women centric and it wants to make it better. Sharing further, Chaitanya adds,

“Independent women have a tough time on dating sites so we want them to have fun on TwolyMadlyDeeply leaving behind all their fear and stress. We also have an abuse button on our platform so that users can complain about their discomfort. These reports are personally dealt with and we resolve them ASAP. We also make sure that the platform has an optimum male female ratio, so that it serves the purpose of building relationships.”

Presently based in Bangalore, TwolyMadlyDeeply is already live in seven Indian cities.

Image courtesy: Facebook