Interview With Shubho Sengupta, Social Media Evangelist [Video]

Video interview With Shubho Sengupta, a social media consultant where he shares his thoughts on Indian social media marketing.


“My focus in life is consumer conversations. The platforms, the technology come later” - Shubho Sengupta.

Shubho started his journey as an ad man and then jumped into the digital world in 2007 as he felt that digital touch points are more engaging. Today he is a social media evangelist and a ‘must follow’ on social networks especially for his Facebook updates. Fortunately, he was quite keen to be a part of Conversations and believe me it was both fun and inspiring to watch and listen to him. The interview touched upon the various facets of Indian social media as given below:

1. How conversations have changed with social media: Shubho, who loves conversations accepts that social is beyond digital and social media has changed the way we look at things. However, he also believes that whether it be traditional or social, it’s the same. There is a consumer, there is a brand and you have to build a relationship.

2. His thoughts on brands taking ownership for their mistakes: Some brands are jumping on to social media because they want to have a flashy cover page. One needs to see how social media plugs into the entire business or marketing plan. Social media should be the forced multiplier for your business and then only you should go for it.

3. Integrated social media campaigns: Shubho considers that integrated campaigns are the way forward and brands like Volkswagen (barring one goof up) and Airtel have been working hard for some time now to give social a new direction. However, he thinks that cutting edge technology work is happening in “Bharat” which is the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cites. He cites an example of a college kid in Jharkhand who is using mobile phone and goes from village to village to get their daily experiences.

4. Governments war with social media: The more we hide things in today’s times, the more it will create problems for us was Shubho’s answer as all this comes from fear. However, he seems to be hopeful since the government is coming up with a social media response strategy.

5. His message for the younger generation: Shubho didn’t have a message since he considers the youth of India to be smart and he himself is inspired by seeing their ability to work under hardships and making an effort to change the country. Though he had a humble suggestion to look at the consumer in a better way rather than focusing on the product and at the same time have a larger vision to help the common man.

Here is the exalting video -