Content Is The DNA Of Quizzing And Facebook Says Raj Dam, Founder Of QuizWorks

An interview with Raj Dam, Founder Of QuizWorks, one of India’s premier knowledge services company that specializes in research, production and hosting of customized quiz shows for both the industry and academia.

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Raj Dam, Founder of QuizWorks shares his journey as an entrepreneur, his thoughts on how content rules in both quizzing and social media and how has his organization used social media over the last two years.

Raj Dam, Quizworks

Quiz contest is a common activity in our society. Over the years the main concept has remained unchanged barring the technology. Although I never thought that one could build a business model around quizzing until the time I was made aware of QuizWorks.

Quizworks, which recently celebrated its third year, is one of India’s premier knowledge services company that specializes in research, production and hosting of customized quiz shows for both the industry and academia. The company was founded in 2009 by a quiz-enthusiast Raj Dam.

From his childhood days, Raj was influenced to this activity and even when he joined the corporate world he was involved in arranging quiz shows for college fests.

“The money was good, took care of my weekend expenses, but not enough for me to leave my job at the technology MNC I was working in and jump in full time.”

A tussle that every entrepreneur has to face but as the years progressed, his hard work  started showing results. He started getting requests for national level projects and he could clearly see that quizzing could be used beyond classrooms, school/college fests and community gatherings.

“Quizzing has a vast application in raising awareness, for promoting a brand or a concept, or a cause, in alternative learning, in employee engagement, practically everywhere that involves a communication objective and a target audience.

That is how I made a decision to quit my job and start with QuizWorks full time.”

The bold move by Raj is paying off. In the last couple of years, the hobby turned profession has provided solutions to MNC’s, blue chip Indian companies, Government Bodies and NGOs in diverse Marketing or HR oriented projects launched online, offline or both.

Possibilities are limitless if you have the ability to see them. I have never been a quiz master but it’s not that hard to think that “Content” plays a major role like it does in social media and for that matter in any creative business. Raj added that today social networking sites like Facebook have become a platform for people to interact with each other and share information.

“One does not go to Facebook to find “budget hotels in Delhi”, but to see what their friends are doing/watching/sharing and to feed in on their own interest areas.”

Raj thinks that this is where a quizzing company can play great role in terms of designing content that is engaging, interesting and easy to consume. Indeed and the content of QuizWorks’ Facebook page reflects that. The page with more than 1460 fans has worked on providing interesting content since June, 2010.

“Our thought process on Facebook is simple – we try to understand what topics are of interest to our community which is in the age range of 15-40 years and (unfortunately, primarily) male. We try and keep our content thought process to things that would entice this audience. And we also run topical news, contests, info on quizzes happening around the country, reviews, etc. which is what our audience is looking for.”

I am a QuizzerContent is the DNA of any quizzing company and it does the same for Facebook pages, adds Raj. The Facebook page which was created for the sole purpose of building a quiz lovers community, had launched ‘I am a Quizzer’ campaign some time back. The campaign was more of a tribute to quiz enthusiasts and got a good response from the community.

“The campaign was designed to celebrate quizzers. ‘I am curious, I am opinionated, I am intense’ is an emotion which many of us can associate ourselves with. It was solely aimed to resonate with the quizzing community - we never looked at gaining corporate mileage out of it.”

The campaign had involved 3 individuals from different walks of life but bonded by a common interest – quizzing. It definitely touched hearts since it was speaking about the strong community that QuizWorks had created over the years.

In addition to Facebook, QuizWorks has created a Facebook group and owns India’s only digital quiz magazine – Quiztalk. It is really impressive to see how a small activity has formed into a full fledged model with presence in Delhi along with Bangalore. The company is also providing brand solutions and content development that aligns with social media marketing.

Raj believes that there is a massive opportunity for a quizzing company if one can define itself as a “content-for-brands” company. He expressed that live quizzing is great and a wonderful experiential marketing tool, but is unpredictable as a business proposition. However, the business of content is predictable, and can easily support 30+ organized quizzing companies in India alone.

“We have been able to bag a few of these “content-for-brands” projects that align to the clients social media marketing, but that’s akin to picking up a handful of sand in a beach. The market has responded favorably but we have got a long way to go”, adds Raj.

The business of content is limitless and the onus is on us how far we can explore it. I am positive that QuizWorks has a long way to go with an evangelizer like Raj Dam.

And if you are someone who is dreaming to build a presence like QuizWorks on social media then Raj has a few words of advice:

“To other aspiring quiz entrepreneurs looking to leverage social media we would like to say that social media is a great game, in which learning and evolving is the key to success. Knowing what the masses are interested in plays a huge role in the development and growth of your business. It is also important to realize that it isn’t an overnight venture, but takes time in building your image/brand online. It provides you with new challenges and obstacles, but is a very useful learning experience, as the future of any Organization lies online.”