“We Celebrated Every New Like”, Says Preethi Sukumaran Of Krya

An interview with Preethi Sukumaran and Srinivas Krishnaswamy from consumer products company, Krya, where they share about how social media has helped their business

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Preethi Sukumaran and Srinivas Krishnaswamy from consumer products company, Krya, share about their journey with social media and how it has helped build their startup.

Chennai based Krya Consumer Products, the brainchild of Preethi Sukumaran and Srinivas Krishnaswamy creates natural, environmentally sustainable products that you can use around the home.


Founded in 2010, the startup has created a wonderful presence on social media as it helps them stay relevant, understand what their consumers want and to have daily conversations with them.

“We are a consumer products company, and here the ‘consumer’ comes first even before ‘products’ or the ‘company’. Meaningful engagement with our consumer is therefore at the core of everything we do.”

On why and how Facebook and its amazing reach

Krya has had an impressive organic growth on its Facebook page which has more than 1000 fans at present. Being on Facebook was a necessity not only as their consumers were present there but also as it made reaching them, easier, faster and frictionless for their consumers.

The founders were always clear about not using paid means but growing the community purely through the strength of their work.

[pullquote id = “lhipull” class = “centre_lhi”]We decided not to focus on numbers at all. We celebrated every new “like” on the Krya page. We write to every single person who likes what we do, (if their message settings allow it) thanking them and telling them what to expect on our page.[/pullquote]

Facebook is mainly being used as a Customer service tool. Besides, Facebook has become a critical medium for their business as they receive many enquiries and orders through Facebook.

Krya has an interesting approach towards posting content on Facebook - Every time the duo post an update on the page, they ask themselves if they would like to read this update or find it intrusive or irrelevant, and post only news that is engaging – many times this means not posting media mentions or very internal milestones.

Besides, the tone of the page is positive and uplifting with a promise of hope, especially since Krya talks about environmental sustainability.

But sincerity tops the list in Krya’s content strategy:

“We never post anything we do not believe in or have not tried out personally.”

On blogging and its benefits for a brand

Krya believes its blog to be its own real estate which helps the brand to give depth and focus to the things they believe in. It is the only place where they can tell the world what they stand for.

Krya-productKrya writes on sustainable urban living because it believes everyone has a right to it and can achieve it. Also it presents a comprehensive view to every topic it writes on the blog with the help of scientific data and personal evidence.

Besides, it was imperative to maintain the blog in addition to having a Facebook page, since fans are not the same as the readers of the blog.

In addition, the long shelf life of a blog is favoured over other mediums. Some of their older posts as old as 2 years back have been getting comments and enquiries from new readers. Besides, the higher rankings a blog can achieve on Google search is very beneficial to an ecommerce company.

“For all of these reasons, we believe that every company should have a corporate blog – it is really the only place where you can tell the world in as much depth and detail as you like about what you stand for.”

On social media as an opportunity for a startup

“If you want to use social media just because the whole world is doing it, it will seem like hard work. But if you see it as a medium where you can create one-on-one relationships with the people who like your work for what you provide, then it is really exciting.”

Kyra believes social media is a great opportunity for a young startup to be able to quickly forge deep and meaningful connections with their consumers and help them level the playing field.

Interestingly, Krya is still grappling with Pinterest as to how an engaging and relevant presence can be built on it. As social media does grow much faster than what most can handle and requires time to study and understand, Kyra devotes at least an hour everyday to keep up with the latest.

Preethi shares that websites like Hubspot and Mashable and bloggers that discuss social media and tech issues have been helpful.

And when a young startup like Krya says they are very happy with the return on investment of time and energy in social media, it is about time for other startups to adopt social media too.