An Art Or Science? Studying The Case Of A Viral Campaign - ‘Gujju Tips’ On Facebook

Interview by Jubin Mehta with Keyur Shah the Founder of Facebook page - 'Gujju Tips' to understand how it began, the popularity and the challenges


Editors Note: This is a guest post from Jubin Mehta, a writer and entrepreneur. He is interested in everything internet and is exploring how it can provide an alternate style of living via Ghoomakad. He is also a startup freak at YourStory.

Social media is a lot of buzz and people try to find an order amidst chaos to get their campaign swirling. ‘Tips’ were creating some huge noise some while ago and one’d regularly see Facebook posts from ‘MBA Tips’, ‘Engineering Tips’, ‘Gujju Tips’and the likes. And a chance online meeting with Keyur Shah earlier this month who was interning at PriceBaba (people behind #KajuKatli) led to the realization that he was also the guy behind the popular ‘Gujju Tips‘. Keyur along with his cousin Zubin Sheth had landed on the idea and together they executed it. Here, we get in a conversation with them to know the story behind the campaign and its lifecycle.

Jubin Mehta: How was the whole idea conceived?

Keyur Shah: Well, the idea was a challenge between the two of us. Zubin said it would be amazing if we could get as many likes as Brotips. I Keyur Shahsaid it was possible. I think Gujaratis are largely present around the globe and we being Gujjus, it was easier for us to make these facts (so-called “tips”). We decided to go ahead with it, named it GujjuTips, made a black and white background and got started with it on 15th December 2011.

JM: What was the first Gujju tip? What are your thoughts on it?

KS: The first Gujju Tip was “Dhirubhai Ambani > Ratan Tata, anyday!”. Frankly, I am not very fond of the first tip we had. The better ones came later - “GujjuTip #44 - We can do Garba on Summer of 69! 😉 “, “GujjuTip #68 - Chaas is our Beer! Cheers :D”.

JM: What do you refer to Gujju Tips as- a fun campaign or something bigger?

KS: Gujju Tips is certainly not a ‘serious startup’. We started the campaign for fun, testing our abilities to produce original content and promote that over social media handles. We did manage to make some money selling t-shirts but have stopped the biz for now.

JM: How did you market it initially?

KS: Initially, we started inviting friends to like the page on Facebook. The first tip was a bit controversial, people shared it abusing us but as they say - “any publicity is good”. We believe it’s the content that drove traffic and we managed to reach the first 2000 likes in a fortnight. We also took help from Annkur of PriceBaba and Raxit of SmartMumbaikar to reach out more people over Twitter. The best part is, we never spent money promoting the posts!

JM: What kind of traffic do you see now?

KS: Currently we are struggling with content as most of the facts/trademark ways of Gujjus have been covered. Hence, the traffic has gotten low. During its peak time we saw a reach of approximately 5 lac users on Facebook.

JM: How long has it been and what are the plans?

KS: Its almost two years that we have been running it. The frequency of posts have gone down in the past quarter but are working on some ideas to get back into action. We are thinking of using the platform to promote the works of Gujaratis (something on the lines of this album). Talking about business, we are looking for an opportunity to launch the one-liner t-shirts in offline stores over Gujarat and Mumbai. With the help of the fan base established, we have started doing social media for a few clients under the name of Sky Tech and Media Solutions.

We wish Gujju Tips gets back into even more action!