Happy With Our Investments On Social But Conversion Of Fans To Dollars Should Happen More, Says Anshu Bagai, CMO, Tupperware India

Interview with Anshu Bagai,CMO,Tupperware India who shares the social media journey, 'She Can You Can' campaigns success details and road ahead for the brand on social and digital media

Tupperware logo

Carrying a lunch box to school or office had never appealed to me. The bulky thing always messed up my bag. When I joined my first job at an IT company, the annual gift from the company was a lunch box. I was grumpy at first, but when I opened it I was dazzled by the craftily designed, colourful lunch box. The gift box had the company name – Tupperware, which is one of the largest manufacturers of high quality, innovative and branded kitchen storage, food products.

My second acquaintance with the brand was on social media. While scouting for some interesting work on social media last year I landed up on an amazing ad campaign titled “She Can, You Can”, featuring real-life heroes Chhavi Rajawat, sarpanch at village Soda in Rajasthan and Saloni Malhotra, Founder and CEO at Desicrew Solutions, first KPO in rural India.

‘She Can, You Can (SCYC)’ is one of the successful campaigns by the brand that Mr. Anshu Bagai, CMO, Tupperware Indiaaligned with Tupperware’s vision to ‘Enlighten, Educate and Empower’ women across the globe, and is based on a crowd sourcing strategy of gathering stories. The campaign also gave a chance to women to be part of the next Tupperware campaign if their story was an extraordinary one, just as the role models, Chhavi and Saloni. SCYC was introduced on the social channels of the brand too and has been quite a success online as well as offline shared Anshu Bagai, Chief Marketing Officer, Tupperware India.

On a telecon today, Anshu informed that the brand’s interest for social media began two years back. “It is a youthful imagery platform and gave us a great avenue to connect with the country’s youth. Even though the majority of the audience on social platforms were not our target audience, we wanted the youth to grow with us so that later on we become a quick recall when required,” Anshu said while sharing the brand’s social media journey so far.

Social media content strategy and campaigns

[pullquote id =”lhipull” class=”left_pull”]For us the million fans are a collection of people who have fun and like to interact with the brand[/pullquote]

Today the brand has a massive presence on Facebook since from day one the social network has been the core focus of the brand. With more than a million fans on the page the content strategy has been quite joyful and chirpy as preferred by the youth. “People on social want to connect with their friends and want to have fun. So our content has focused on fun, games, quiz, giveaways, etc. Additionally we have also shared about the new product launches keeping the fans informed about the brand too. For us the million fans are a collection of people who have fun and like to interact with the brand.”

While discussing about the activities on Facebook, Anshu shared about the SCYC rolling campaign, which is in its second phase featuring Hina Shah Bhuptani, the Director of International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD).

Tupperware India FacebookThe second edition of ‘She Can, You Can’ carries forward the brand vision of celebrating inspiring stories and building confidence in Indian women to start their own ventures – a cool move for a company that markets through direct sellers. On Facebook the brand launched an app with the primary message of the campaign – ‘Why seek a job when you can provide one?’ The app similar to the microsite was created as a one-stop destination for reading and sharing inspiring success stories.

Along with Facebook, Tupperware has been targeting the professional platform LinkedIn by using targeted ads for its lunch boxes and other needful products, though Anshu informed that LinkedIn activity has been on and off. The brand also has a presence on YouTube but it has been dead for a while now. The brand channel on YouTube has been featuring ads and has last updated a video three months back. Similarly the 140 character network Twitter has been active but hasn’t been able to strike the right chords like it has done on Facebook.

Road ahead and challenges

However, the brand has no plans to settle with the existing footprints on digital. Mobile is at the top priority since Anshu thinks that is where the audience is moving. Besides this social media monitoring is a segment where the brand wants to invest in the near future.

“We have an in-house team along with a dedicated agency who constantly keep monitoring conversations on social platforms but we haven’t invested on social media monitoring tools as of now. However, we are working on it and pretty soon we are going to invest on one of them,” he informed, while talking about the future enhancements that he plans to do on social as well as on digital.

But with all the positives with social, the CMO also shared two challenges that he thinks are being faced not only by his brand but also the entire industry.

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_pull”]The medium is growing rapidly and everyone is learning. Right now most brands have this question to decode - how we convert the fans into dollars. We are trying quite a few things but we need to bridge the gap between online and offline. Additionally, we need to marry creativity teams along with the implementation team to give a complete package to brand. Today most of the agencies are either good in creative ideas or are good executioners with tech on their mind. We need to find agencies that provide the entire suite.[/pullquote]

Nevertheless, Anshu feels that Tupperware India has been quite satisfied with its investments while connecting with the consumers of tomorrow plus the informed consumers. Though he didn’t share the percentage of investments on social, he did share that the brand is positive about the medium but that doesn’t mean it is cutting in other mediums. “You can’t rely only on social; you need to have a 360 degree integrated marketing approach. No cut outs but with social we have added on advertising,” shared Anshu, before winding up the telecon.