Shridhar Shukla the Director and Founder at GS Lab has three phases in his life. The first phase was about his Phd in computers and thereafter teaching at the US Naval Postgraduate School as an Assistant Professor for more than five years. The second phase saw him returning to India and joining Persistent as a Director and COO for around nine years. Both these phases of Shridhar’s life have been captured in our earlier interview where he shares about his per-entrepreneurial life.

The third and the ongoing phase is Shridhar’s entrepreneur life that started with an itch to build quality products, leading to the foundation of GS Lab. A place to build a factory of products, the lab has churned out its first enterprise product kPoint. The product allows video discovery while making it interactive and measurable at the same time.

In the final part of the interview, Shridhar talks about the early days of building kPoint along with his friend and serial entrepreneur, Sunil Gaitonde. He also shares how kPoint came into existence, the use cases of the product and the road ahead for the company.

Before winding up, Shridhar leaves with an excellent message for all entrepreneurs. Click on the inspiring video to find out what Shridhar, with more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience, has to share: