Rajiv Dingra, Founder At WAT Consult On Digital Getting Better, Recent Acquisitions & Road Ahead

Video interview with Rajiv Dingra CEO, Founder at WAT Consult on how digital can be better, recent digital agency acquisitions & the road ahead for WAT in 2014



In the final part of the video interview series with Rajiv Dingra, Founder at WAT Consult, he shares his thoughts on how digital can become the doers and be better, on the growing trend of digital agency acquisitions by main line leaders and finally what’s in store at WAT in 2014.

In the first part of the interview, Rajiv shared his thoughts on the evolution of the digital medium in the country, WAT’s evolution over the years, his thoughts on integrated campaigns, video becoming the preferred medium and on how marketers are generating content for mobile to engage with users.

The second part focused on how analytics is not only important but should also make business sense. Rajiv shares his views on B2B marketing and adds that even though it is not a glamorous business, the returns are much higher than the B2C world. Rajiv cites one of his clients, SAP India to share how they are carrying out B2B engagement for the brand on social.

Finally Rajiv shares his thoughts on being a 360 degree agency. While he says that WAT is a full-fledged agency doing all kinds of work for clients in the social and digital world, he also adds that no agency can be good in all departments.

Click to listen and watch candid thoughts from Rajiv: