Instore Social Recommendations Startup Instaclique Clocks 25 Lakhs In Revenue In 2013 - Founder Avinash Shenoi [Video]

Interview with Founder Avinash Shenoi about his startup Instaclique that is making shopping social by providing engagement with peers on the online store.


Shopping is a social behaviour. With Internet growing in the country, e-commerce has seen huge potential. While startups have focussed on replicating the offline buying behaviour into online they have also worked on adding the much required social layer.

Over the last few years, from Facebook Commerce to Social Commerce, the market has seen a lot of potential in e-commerce powered with the social layer. However, stores are still not seeing conversions and traffic driving to the offline stores with the intention of purchase.

To solve this pain point Pune’s Instaclique is giving it a decent shot. The year-and-half-old startup founded by Avinash Shenoi is enabling shoppers to make smart decisions while buying by consulting and comparing with friends and family. The platform integrated with Facebook for now, enables the online engagement on the online store itself rather than on the social network. In other words while the shopper has a social shopping experience online, stores don’t need to worry about traffic being diverted to other mediums as the entire engagement happens on the online store itself.

Isn’t that a great selling point for Instaclique?

Impressed by the idea of Instaclique, I visited their office on a Saturday. With a five day working week, Avinash was free to share the startup story over some coffee.

Founded in 2012, Avinash had the able support of two other Co-Founders – Tripti Shenoi and Amol Potnis. Today the startup has grown into a 8 member team serving around 10 customers. The startup made around 25 lakhs in revenue in 2013 and is also one of the five startups to join the Minneapolis-based retail giant Target’s accelerator program.

The interview is focused on aspects such as – how Instaclique is adding value to stores, what other features the startup plans to roll out and integration of mobile and offline world. He also shared how data is crucial for their startup, and how stores are using it while sharing the current business challenges being faced.

Watch the embedded video to find out more about Instaclique and thoughts from the founder, who is making online shopping exciting in an ingenious way.