‘Internet Is Fun’ Vodafone Blogging Contest On Indiblogger

A review of the 'Internet Is Fun' Vodafone Blogging Contest On Indiblogger, India's largest blogging community


Indiblogger is out with yet another fun blogging contest called ‘Internet is fun’ with Vodafone India. You may recall the TVC’s during IPL5 matches around funnily dressed people playing something that look like telematches and generally having fun. The TVC’s are part of a digital campaign designed by O&M to drive usage and penetration of Internet among Vodafone customers by simplifying their experience and showing them the fun possibilities of Internet.

internet_is_fun_blogging_contestThe message ‘Internet is Fun’ is being carried across most popular networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But what’s noteworthy is the ‘Internet is fun’ blogging contest, where bloggers are invited to write about what makes the internet fun for them on their mobile phones.The internet is fun when you connect with friends, watch videos shared by others, play games online, experience exciting new apps or get to know someone from the other side of the world.

But the internet could be fun in many different ways too. So blog about your fun experiences and you could win a MacBook Pro, Sony Playstations, Sennheiser headphones, Zoozoo bean bags and tickets to the IPL finals with travel included! So much for having fun…Since the IPL finals are coming up soon, this contest will close on the 18th of May itself. The rules are more or less the same – only fresh entries allowed and must have a link to the website, posts should be original and Indivine votes do not matter; judgement is based on creativity alone.

My thoughts on Vodafone ‘Internet is fun’ blogging contest:

Brand as part of community and not vice versa: As with the earlier blogging contests at Indiblogger, the contest is being discussed in the forum as well. Most conversations are around the prizes and folks have already decided what they would like to win. Besides the warmth and healthy interactions in the community, it is commendable to see the participation numbers. And Vodafone gets the opportunity to be a part of this buzz.

Promoting brand message ‘Internet is Fun’: Hosting blogging contests around the brand message is cool. Not only does it help propagate your message through the users, but also gets the message embedded deep.

No scope for bias in contest judgement: Brands running any type of contests have to be careful in the manner of judgement. By eradicating the concept of ‘likes’ or Indivine votes, more members are likely to participate given that the contest is based on creativity alone.

Reaching out to all your customers: Just as in real life, your customers don’t exist in silos. The Facebook fan is most likely to watch your Youtube videos, whereas the blogger who uses Vodafone might be tweeting from his smartphone. In this respect, the #internetisfun hashtag serves as a tool to promote blogger posts as well as visibility. Displaying the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube brand page in the blogging contest is a smart thing to do.

Brands seem to be getting the ‘blogging’ equation right, but still it is a long way to go for them to be fully successful. With lack of resources and industry expertise, it also takes a long time to build and nurture a healthy blog. Perhaps, till that time, brands are allowed to go to blogging communities and help spread their message.

Although the IPL 5 started in April, the blogging contest was announced only in May, whereas ‘Internet is fun’ message has been doing the rounds since April. I wonder if this blogging contest was a last minute addition to the digital strategy mix? Anyone from Vodafone, Indiblogger or O&M, who can enlighten us here?

Did you like the ‘Internet is fun’ blogging contest? What are the things they can improve upon?