Internet Explorer 10 Launches Shovel On Facebook To Explore Your Social Life

Internet Explorer 10 has launched a Facebook app called 'Shovel' where you can explore your social life and see it in new light, in a bid to promote the browser to the youth.


Remember the one time king of browsers that you loved to hate until 2012? Yes, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which made a comeback with its 10th version when it launched with Windows 8 last October. The browser with its saucy ‘The browser you loved to hate” campaign sought to appeal to the hardcore detractors of IE, by announcing the improved features in the new IE 10. It even formed partnerships where users could trial the new feature-rich browser with support for HTML 5, something it was accused of not supporting until earlier versions. The idea was to get across the message that ‘Its not your father’s browser’.

Of late, the browser has embarked on a more social journey using popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. A Facebook app called ‘Shovel’ helps you dig into your social life and look at it in new light, whereas there are cool incentives to be won on Twitter based on your social life insights gained from Shovel. And, obviously, the app has been designed to work best in IE 10!

Explore your social life with Shovel

Click on ‘Start digging’ on the home page to start off with Shovel. You do not need to like the page to access Shovel. The app gives you the stats on your Friends, Likes, Photos, Tags and Updates. As can be seen in the picture, the option for Tags and Updates has been hidden since I was using Firefox. Both options are unlocked once you load the app on IE 10!


All stats are available as neat and elaborate infographics. The Friends tab gives you a break-up of your friends country-wise, city-wise and age group-wise within each gender. Besides it can help you find fascinating things about your Facebook friends like who is your farthest friend in terms of kilometers, who is your youngest friend, your oldest friend, and the friends who like tagging you the most. It also gives you a percentage-wise graph of your friends relationship statuses.

The Likes infographic is quite interesting. It shows you the friends who ‘like’ the most, as well as the friends whom you ‘like’ the most. Besides, it gives you the number of ‘likes’ you’ve received and given to the different types of content on Facebook like photos, status updates, videos. etc.

But, the Photos infographic is the best one. Facebook is more about visual appeal with photos speaking the most, so who wouldn’t want to know the kind of response their photos are getting on Facebook! From number of photos you have uploaded to top 5 most liked of them  to the average number of likes and comments you receive on them, the infographic gives a good insight about the photos you share. It also gives you the number of profile and cover photos you have uploaded and the number of photos you have been tagged in.

Tags and updates can only be seen if you are using IE 10. Tags tells you all the things you get tagged for on Facebook. The Updates infographic gives you a visual data of the status of your status updates. From top 5 most liked updates, most commented updates to the average number of likes and comments you get on your updates, the infograph can get you thinking the next time you put an update.

Reviving IE 10 through social

In enabling fans to explore their social life, Shovel has also managed to shove IE 10 into our everyday social networking routines. At the bottom of the app, you are asked to switch to IE 10 from your existing browser for a faster and more fluid internet browsing. Provisions to invite friends on Facebook and share your stats with friends is a good addition on Shovel. Besides, keeping 2 out of 5 tabs hidden and getting users to unlock them using IE 10, is a cool idea to promote the browser and get more users to adopt it. As per this report, IE is still the most popular browser on desktops with Firefox and Chrome at second and third place respectively.

The Shovel campaign has also been extended into a quiz that runs on the IE India Twitter page under the #Shovel hashtag. Questions are based on your social life and ask you things like how many of your friends are single, and who amongst them you want to mingle with, how many average likes or comments you receive on your updates, etc. Participants need to also attach a screenshot of the answer obtained from the Shovel app and stand to win gift vouchers.

After a long association with MTV for bringing the Roadies show from the television to your computer, through the Roadies Xplorer game, IE 10  has come a long way in appealing to the youth. Together with the shovel activities using a combination of both Facebook and Twitter, the browser is also reaching out on the right platforms to target the social-savvy youth.

Have you explored your social life yet? Do that and let us know what you think about IE 10’s social media appeal.