How Brands Are Celebrating #InternationalBeerDay

Here is a list of interesting content shared by brands on the occasion of #InternationalBeerDay

Do you need a reason to drink beer? Any beer lover would shake his head and take a sip. Nevertheless today being the first Friday of August, its been conferred as International Beer Day. The beer souls of western United States started the tradition in 2007 and today the day is celebrated in 207 cities, 50 countries and 6 continents.

The idea was obviously to have one more reason to have beer but it was also to unite the world under the banner of beer, by celebrating the beers of all nations together on a single day.

Like every other day, #InternationalBeerDay is being celebrated by brands globally and some Indian brands have also joined the party. However where brands are really acing the game with creative content for the day, beer brands like Heineken India, Corona India, Fosters India have missed out on such a vital opportunity to connect with their beer-loving community.

Nonetheless, here is a list of interesting content shared by brands on the occasion of #InternationalBeerDay:


The king of good times is running #KFBeerInventions where the brand is looking for crazy ideas that every beer-head will love. I like the idea of instant beer at work - Beer Dippers.

The idea of having 3D printing machine that conjures beer bottles isn’t a bad idea too. Kingfisher is taking the best crazy ideas and converting them into fun GIFs.


The beer brand has found a cool synergy between beer and valentine’s day in the below GIF.


When well known beer brands have missed out on this opportunity, it is cool to see Zomato come up with engaging content. There is an element of fun in the Vine video too.

Happily Unmarried

For the love of beer, eCommerce brand Happily Unmarried came up with a very cool video, that is a fun take on a popular Hindi TV serial. See the video to find out.

Budweiser India

The brand has uploaded an interesting video that presents a Bud to you. Only you’d wish it was real!

Liv your Fame

The entertainment channel has released a video that talks about 11 absolutely stupid excuses to avoid beer which people often come up with. So that on International beer day you have no more excuses.

British Museum

The museum has shared a bit of history for #InternationalBeerDay: the below visual is a 5,000-year-old writing tablet used a symbol for beer. The symbol for beer, an upright jar with pointed base, appears three times on the tablet. Beer was the most popular drink in Mesopotamia and was issued as rations to workers.

Just Dial

The company has equated beer and weekends.


The ecommerce brand for eyewear is having some fun by calling for funny moments.

Stella Artois UK

The beer brand showcases perfection in every continent via a Vine video.

Carlton Dry

The beer brand celebrates its best day with this video.

If you’ve spotted some great content that we’ve missed, and you’re sober enough to share them with us, please do so right away. Cheers!