12 Interesting Father’s Day Brand Videos Of 2016

A curated list of the most interesting Father's Day videos by Indian brands with varying themes like celebrating the single mother and the kanjoos dad


Fathers are as special as mothers and the world is recognizing that, more so brands. One day of every year - Father’s Day - is dedicated to fathers and the celebration of fatherhood, making it an opportune day for brands to bond with their consumers as well as the man of the house. The Sunday gone by on June 19 was celebrated as Father’s Day with social media feeds brimming with love for fathers, and brands joined in the conversations to catalyze this love.

This year several brands from finance to tech chose to roll out interesting videos paying tribute to dads everywhere. Themed similarly as the Mother’s Day videos this year, the most interesting Father’s Day brand videos of 2016 have also chosen to explore new themes like ‘ride safe’ and celebrating the single mother and the kanjoos dad.  Google India has woven Father’s day into its new context-sensitive search feature promotions, while others are emphasizing a father’s silent love. Fortunately, brands did not go the usual route of calling them superheroes!

Last Father’s Day saw many videos, gifs and creative visuals doing the rounds on social media, as most touched upon emotional chords. Also read: “The 9 Most Endearing Father’s Day Videos Of 2015.”

In this curated list you will find adorable Father’s Day videos of 2016 that have touched a chord somewhere:

Google India ‘The Hero’

Google introduced a context-sensitive search for Bollywood queries catering to the demand related to one of India’s favourite source of entertainment. Claiming that 1 in 10 searches on mobile in India are Bollywood-related queries, Google rolled out an adorable father-son video to promote the same. “The Hero - A Bollywood Story” features actor Vicky Kaushal as the son of a Cinema Manager who once aspired to make it big in Bollywood.

The 6-minute film is a delightful watch as Vicky uses the new Google search to help find the right shoot location in which his father had earned a role, but couldn’t make it as his own father had stopped him years ago. The duo are now seen visiting the locations and enacting the movie scenes, complete with dialogues and all. They also get the Google app to play songs for them while they dance together. It ends with the tearful father being shown a movie featuring himself.

Helpchat #WearItForYourDad

This Father’s Day, the AI-powered personal assistant platform, Helpchat chose a novel route to convince riders to wear helmets. A two-minute film shows how a father puts his life at risk to drive home the point of wearing a helmet to his son. There are several public service films advocating road safety rules like wearing a helmet while riding, but this one by Helpchat has managed to smartly weave in the emotional bond between a father and son, and also have a timely campaign around Father’s Day.

Bankbazaar.com #MyDadMyFirstTeacher

Financial products site BankBazaar has paid tribute to dads for being our first banker, our first wealth manager, and our first financial advisor in its Father’s Day video. The 1.3 minute film captures a chilled out conversation between a father and his son that ends up in a coin - the first ever coin that he had given his little son. Meanwhile, we see the son is busy searching for a coin he had mistakenly dropped. At the end it is revealed to be the same coin; the son had not spent it.

HouseJoy #ChillDaddyChill

Home services brand, HouseJoy wanted everyone to give a well-deserved break to their dad this Father’s Day and let them just chill at home without having to fix anything for a change. Because all his chores can be taken care of by Housejoy. A female voiceover is heard addressing her dad to not do anything and just take a chill pill, while the video shows them the many ways in which they can chill out. The brand also had discounts on home services for dads.

Saregama ‘Kanjoos Dad!”

Saregama’s ‘Kanjoos Dad’, as the name suggests, is about penny pinching dads who need an account of each and every penny spent by their kids. The 3-minute film takes us through the story of a son narrating his growing up years with dad, and how it was difficult to ask for anything new. As he continues, we realize how his dad’s careful expenditure of each penny resulted in him being successful at a young age. The complaining son turns into an emotional one at the end, and says thanks to his kanjoos dad.

Ola Cabs ‘If dad was GPS!’

Dads have always been around guiding us everywhere, ever since we alight into this world. How to walk, talk, eat, play and most of all, how to avoid making mistakes. Cab aggregator Ola Cabs re-imagines our guiding dads as GPS systems in its Father’s Day video. The hilarious take is worth the minute-long watch with this father making the ride all the more entertaining.

IndiaMART #CarryTheLegacy

The most precious thing a father leaves behind for his children is his legacy. Online marketplace Indiamart’s Father’s Day video is themed around this legacy passed on by fathers. The minute-long film takes us through several businesses that have been handed down generations, with proud fathers and sons or daughters posing for the camera, as Indiamart urges viewers to ‘carry the legacy’.

TVS Jupiter #ThankYouDad

TVS Jupiter’s Father’s Day film is the one that drove me to tears. It is a realistic take on fatherhood: a father-to-be fiddling with the cradle, a father rushing to a chemist store just as it shuts down, a father polishing his kid’s school shoes, a father skilfully covering his kid’s school text books with brown paper and sticking the label on it, a father picking up his daughter late at night. The 1.3 minute film is a tribute to all what fathers do unnoticed or as the brand puts it, “celebrates all men who hide that soft-hearted father beneath that rough exterior.”

Raymond salutes Single Mothers!

This Father’s Day, a son pays tribute to his mother by gifting her a mug with ‘World’s Best Dad’ printed on it. Playing on the role reversals that happen in single parenting, textile brand Raymond - that has always been positioned around ‘The Complete Man’ - chose to salute single mothers in its video. The two-minute film catches a snippet from the day of a little boy and his single mother, whiling away their time together.

Indiabulls Housing

The home loans company rolled out an adorable video about a doting daughter and her father, while she’s driving him to the beach. All the while at the steering wheel, she is busy giving him instructions and do’s and dont’s at the beach, and when they reach the destination, we see an exasperated father finally getting out of the car. Before she gives him one more instruction, they realize it is her love and concern for her dad. They hug and express their love for each other.

Myntra ‘In Dad’s Shoes’

The fashion portal rolled out a simple concept: little ones always wanting to fit into their dad’s shoes. The 100-second film takes us on the journey of a son reminiscing about his childhood days where every moment was spent in mimicking his dad.

Cashkaro Father’s Day

Cashback and coupon website CashKaro’s Father’s Day video is all about realizing the worth of your father in making you who you are. The story revolves around a son who is visiting his dad, along with his pregnant wife. The son revisits photo albums, his old piggy bank and other things to slide down memory lane, and remembers every special moment with his dad. He recalls how he was given his first salary for washing the car and having his dad always by his side. At the end of the two-minute video, he is seen making a promise to his yet-to-be-born child to be the father he deserves, and carry on the legacy.

Do let us know your favourites in the list.