Interact With Katrina, Innovative Campaign By Slice

A review of 'Katrina ka Number, Crown ke Under’ by PepsiCo India owned Slice’ campaign by PepsiCo India owned Slice

Come summer and your idiot box is full of advertisements luring you to buy everything from ice creams and soft drinks to sunscreen lotions and prickly heat powder. Every brand wants to be visible to you everywhere you go. You see an ad on a billboard, on your way to office and then the same ad is on your Facebook page when you log in at lunch. Some 360 degrees marketing this!

This February, you must have seen cut-outs of actor Katrina Kaif trapped inside huge transparent bottles resembling Slice, the flavored mango drink she is the brand ambassador for. A large crown placed along the bottle carries the message ‘Call 08826262626 for details’. Well, this is a unique interactive promotion called ‘Katrina ka Number, Crown ke Under’ by PepsiCo India owned Slice as shared by Best Media Info. You might recall the TVC too.

[youtube GtAO35-JB0A 500 300]

Every Slice crown has a mobile number and all you have to do is call on that number and if you are lucky, you could win a date with Katrina. So given the number of Katrina fans, that’s a massive number of Slice bottles sold!

Interact with Katrina Facebook app

The campaign sounded so refreshing that I visited the Slice Facebook page and I was glad I did – there was this app called ‘Interact with Katrina’. You can choose any of the three options to get closer to a date with Katrina as you can see in the image below. Fully expecting an interactive app given the big brand, my hopes were dashed when all three options took me outside Facebook onto a dedicated microsite.

Katrina ka number interactive microsite

I clicked on the button ‘Talk to Katrina’ and something interesting happened in a popup window – Katrina was asking me to type my mobile number trapped inside a Slice bottle. Sorry Katrina, I am just checking this interactive wonder.

Now even more excited, I clicked on ‘Get Katrina out of the bottle’. A new window opens with Katrina looking bored as she is still trapped inside the bottle. Upon a rollover, this thing gets interactive. You can try various ways to get her out of the bottle like push the bottle or fight the bottle with a pair of boxing gloves, etc. and Katrina acts accordingly. I tried a little barking puppy but Katrina petted it off. It is only when none of the methods helped in getting her out that I got her message to call 08826262626, before I die out of exasperation.

Get Katrina out of the bottle

Absolutely excited, I clicked on the third button ‘Katrina Interactive Game’. Again she was trapped in the bottle and there were Slice crowns beside. Every crown was a tool like hammer, rope, axe, etc. with which I tried breaking the bottle but it refused to break. The histrionics by Katrina matched perfectly with the kind of tools I was using. Finally, I gave up as she told about an easier way out – call 08826262626 for details.

One can wish for more of such innovative and integrated campaigns purely for the real interaction factor and all-round visibility it provides. However, I would have loved it if they had:

  • created an interactive app on Facebook itself.
  • brought in some ‘gamification’ aspect to it along with the interactive feature.
  • differentiated the ‘Katrina Interactive Game’ from the ‘Get Katrina out of the bottle’, both are nearly providing me with the same experience, except for a timer in the interactive game.

Nevertheless, I like this campaign to begin the summer with but am always on the lookout for more engaging campaigns. Here are my best wishes for all Katrina fans, do hurry up as Katrina is available for a date only till the 31st of March.

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