Intel India Is Looking For Talent On Facebook

by Prasant Naidu on September 19, 2021


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Intel India, that has an amazing presence on Facebook, is driving recruitment through the social network. To do this effectively, it has created a smart Facebook Jobs app that showcases current openings, life at Intel India, etc. A move that has been followed in the past by companies like Aditi Technologies, Capgemini India, Seaspan Ship Management, etc.

“Keep the innovation economy moving into the future” is a mission statement that Intel thrives upon. The future generation of India today spends a credible amount of time on social networks. Facebook is no more just a need, it is a requirement for today’s generation. Hence, it is not surprising when the 18-24 age group forms the biggest chunk of Intel India‘s million plus community on Facebook.

Intel India has tapped on this and changed with the times. It no more wants to be associated only as a technology company but also as a fun place to work at. This is reflected in the Facebook presence and the various activities that have been happening. Whether it was the “Ultrabook Race” or the “Me The Musical”, the effort has been commendable from a technology company.

The Intel India Facebook App

Intel India which has built some interesting apps has created one more for sharing job opportunities. The Jobs Facebook app is not exclusive for the community i.e. you don’t need to like the page to browse or apply for the jobs.


The app provides an extensive search feature so that you can search your desired job, exclusive videos where you can see what it is like being a part of the Intel family and helpful widgets of the Intel blog, events calendar, etc.

If any of the openings matches your credentials then you can click on it to explore more, apply for the position if you want to and you can share it on other networks for your friends to have a look.

How smart is the Facebook app?

The app which is powered by Work4 Labs is an exciting one. Apart from being quite a required app for the page, two very unique features caught my eyes:

1. Get referred by your network: This feature works when you sync the app with your Facebook connections. The feature tells you if any of your friends from the network is working in Intel and who can help you as a reference. A feature that is available in LinkedIn but adding that on Facebook is smart.

However, I found a glitch. The app suggested me a friend who had worked at Intel in his past. Now wouldn’t it be great if it only shows me friends who are working at Intel now.

The design of the app could also be brainstormed further. The present app needs to be scrolled and has too many things to consume. A tabular version of the app could make it more effective and will provide with ease of navigation too.

2. Smart sort: Another feature which is very interesting and I am yet to find it in any other job related apps. Smart sort asks you to integrate your Facebook account and additionally you can integrate your LinkedIn account. Now once you do that, the app gets an idea about your professional profile and based on it, the app shows you the jobs that may be of your interest. In other words, the app shows you jobs based on your professional interest. Isn’t that really effective?

Additionally, the app also tries to find out if any of your friends would be interested for an opening that you are browsing through. Great way to help friends and smart way for Intel to reach out to maximum people.

Ending Thoughts

With the changing times, technology companies are opening up to the Facebook generation. Finding talent has been an activity that most of these technology companies are doing on Facebook. Previously, we had seen how Aditi Technologies, Capgemini India, Seaspan Ship Management , etc. have been doing the same.

Intel India’s Facebook app has some brilliant features but it would have been great if the app had allowed me to submit my resume from Facebook itself. This would have helped the user to not leave Facebook and for the company, it could track the effectiveness of the app too. This was implemented by Aditi Technologies which I think brings a complete experience for the user.

Facebook is no more only a social network, it is also becoming a preferred choice of companies to look for talent. Intel India has walked in the same direction of engaging the youth with interesting content, contests on the page and now it is also asking the youth to join by showing smart opportunities. A move that would grow with time.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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  • Stephane

    Hi Prasant,

    Thanks a lot for the article.

    We’re very excited about the corporate recruiting products we’re building on Facebook, and Intel is a great example of world-class social recruiting strategy.

    Work4 Labs, CEO

    • Prasant Naidu

      The app powered by you guys has some really exciting features as I have mentioned. Thanks for your appreciation Stephane :)

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