Instagram Stories suggests who to follow, Mark Zuckerberg gives Pope Francis a drone

Global digital news of the day - Instagram will start showing some users a bar of Stories from accounts you could follow, based on who you follow and the topics you care about, Mark presented the Pope with a drone model designed to beam internet access to poor connectivity areas


Instagram Stories diverges from Snapchat by suggesting who to follow: Atop the Explore tab, Instagram will start showing some users a bar of Stories from accounts you could follow, with the feature rolling out to everyone soon. Based on who you follow and the topics you care about, the tailored recommendations will make it easy to add someone new to your Home feed’s Stories section.

This Distressing PSA Captures the Horrors of Bullying in the Facebook Era: In “Betty B.,” a PSA written, directed, shot and edited by Matt Bieler, represented by Los Angeles-based Reset Content, a crisp young voice recounts her relationship with a girl from school. As she describes how Betty B. courted her trust, from saying hello to teaching her how to put lipstick on, we see flashes of the places and objects around which their friendship bloomed.

Microsoft gets musical in its Apple Mac attack ads: Microsoft is looking to deride the Apple Mac as it positions its new Surface Pro 4 as the must have gadget for professionals. The latest in an ad campaign designed to show off the Surface’s new features describes the iPad Pro as “less useful, like a hat for your cat.

How one VR studio built a ‘Magic School Bus’ for Lockheed Martin: Framestore recently built a magic school bus for Lockheed Martin that could take children on a trip to Mars. The simulation has the kids driving around the streets of Washington, D.C. one minute and feeling like they are on the surface of Mars the next.

American Family Insurance enlists star athletes to tell heartwarming stories: BBDO New York and Elite Media are helping American Family Insurance tell heartwarming stories through three short films starring the company’s brand ambassadors. The films are running under the tagline “Every Dream Deserves a Champion” and are part of the insurance provider’s broader “Insure Carefully, Dream Fearlessly” campaign.

The rise of video is making 2016 a weird year to be a digital publisher: We’re living through the effects of an ongoing shift away from text and pictures and toward video as the primary product of digital-media companies. Smaller publishers are calling it quits or offloading their technical infrastructure to Medium. Larger ones are cozying up to telecom giants, partnering Disney and NBCUniversal, or subsidizing themselves with conferences.

Privacy Groups Pounce on WhatsApp Data Handover to Facebook: Just days after WhatsApp said it will alter its privacy policy to allow it to transfer user phone numbers and other data to Facebook to enable communications between brands and consumers, two privacy groups have petitioned the FTC to block the move. In their letter, the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Center for Digital Democracy asked the FTC to investigate WhatsApp.

Mark Zuckerberg meets Pope Francis, gives him a drone: Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan met with Pope Francis, as part of Zuckerberg’s trip of Italy, announced following the devastating earthquake. After discussing the importance of connecting people in the world without internet access, Zuckerberg presented the Pope with a drone model of Facebook’s solar-powered Aquila aircraft, designed to beam internet access to those areas of the world that are lacking connectivity.