Instagram photos and videos get pinch-to-zoom, Pinterest will target ads to people who click brand-related pins

World digital news of the day - Instagram is rolling out an update to iOS that lets you zoom in on photos and videos in your feed, on profiles, and in Explore. brands can advertise to people who click on or save brand-related pins posted to Pinterest, and more

Facebook is pushing advertisers to make their mobile experiences faster, or face being penalised: Facebook wants brands to build better mobile experiences that load quicker in order to stop visitors abandoning advertisers’ sites within Facebook’s own in-app browser.It will be “pre-fetching” advertisers’ mobile sites before users click on an ad to reduce mobile-site load times.

Unilever rolls out ‘Bright Future’ campaign to show how its brands are doing good: Unilever has rolled out a campaign to tie the ‘social good’ work that its individual brands such as Dove and Persil have been doing back to the parent company. Called ‘Bright Future’, the campaign centers on a film which shows a young girl talking about changes happening in the world.

Instagram photos and videos get pinch-to-zoom: Instagram announced today that it’s rolling out an update to iOS that lets you zoom in on photos and videos in your feed, on profiles, and in the Explore section of the app. The feature is also coming to Android “very soon,” Instagram tells VentureBeat, but there are no plans to bring it to mobile web users.

Pinterest will target ads to people who click on, save brand-related pins: After adding the ability for brands to retarget people who visit their sites and use their apps with ads on Pinterest, the company is now introducing a way for brands to advertise to people who click on or save brand-related pins that are posted to Pinterest.

Facebook starts testing stabilization for 360 video: Facebook is developing a new system for stabilizing 360-degree video and it’s starting to test the system before rolling it out to all users on Facebook and its Oculus virtual reality platform. The stabilization software reduces the bit rate by 10 to 20 percent while maintaining video quality, and it takes just 22 milliseconds per frame.

River Island partners with Snapchat to launch first of its kind ‘Snap & Share’ campaign activated in-stores: River Island has partnered with Snapchat to create a number of bespoke branded filters that activate in-store, the first campaign of its kind for a fashion brand. The location-based ‘Snap & Share’ campaign will see users able to access a number of branded River Island filters while in stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Facebook is tracking ‘trends,’ so we’re tracking Facebook: Every hour, on the hour, Washington Post will log the stories that trend on Facebook, Google and Twitter and compiling it into a daily email news digest. Among other things, we plan to track the priorities and timing of trends on each site, as well as the news that never makes it to them.

Michelle Obama and Nick Offerman help America get healthy: An unlikely pairing of Michelle Obama and Nick Offerman finds the comic actor and the First Lady getting on the same page to push forward Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative through a hilarious “History of Exercise” video on Funny or Die.

Why Billboard is getting into makeup tutorials: Billboard is getting into the makeup-tutorials business. The music-industry bible published a quick video across its website and social media feeds showing viewers how to recreate the look from the cover of Britney Spears’s new album, “Glory.” Thanks to a distribution strategy that shot it across Billboard’s website, social channels as well as three other major content portals, the video quickly amassed over 100,000 views.