Facebook Adjusts News Feed For 2G World, Instagram Has Discussed An R-rated Version

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1. Facebook Adjusts News Feed To Load Better In The 2G World: Facebook’s latest change to the News Feed is aimed squarely at the developing world. That’s where the social network is signing up most of its new users, and because many of those people are connecting via slower 2G mobile connections, Facebook is making technical accommodations. Using a Facebook-created open-source “Network Connection Class,” Facebook is able to sniff out how fast a person’s connection is and serve content in the News Feed accordingly.

2. New Ad Blocking App Extends To Native Apps, Including Facebook And Apple News: Another ad blocker is on the scene, however, this one is designed to block ads in native apps such as Facebook and Apple’s own News app, as well as Safari on iOS 9 devices. In what would seem an ironic play, the content blocker, called Been Choice, gives users the choice of blocking ads in exchange for sharing data to earn rewards.

3. Will Reddit’s Stand-Alone News Site Prove to Be a Safe Haven for Advertisers? Coming off a summer of upheaval, Reddit is looking to get back into the public’s good graces with its first stand-alone property, a news-focused site called Upvoted.

4. Facebook Gives Viewers 3 New Ways to Engage With Their Favorite TV Shows: Facebook is trying to steal some of Twitter’s thunder, aiming to be the first choice among second-screen viewers, people who watch TV and engage on social media at the same time. So, this morning Facebook—with its 213 million monthly active users in the U.S.—announced new tools aimed at helping TV producers better engage audiences during live broadcasts.

5. Twitter launches Moments, its real-time curation tool, for normals (and brands): Project Lightning, the ambitious multimedia product aimed at saving Twitter, launched today. Moments, as it’s being publicly called, was created to make the struggling social network easier to use for people who don’t spend all day on it. It’s seen as a “hail mary” project to appease investors, shore up its revolving doors of executives and rejuvenate user growth that has stalled recently.

6. Facebook Is Rolling Out Verified Badges For Local Business Pages: Have a local business Page on Facebook? Soon you’ll be able to give your Page an official stamp of authenticity. Facebook today started rolling out verified badges for local businesses. The badges come in the form of gray check marks — to differentiate them from the blue checks displayed on verified Pages for celebrities, public figures, sports teams and other media and entertainment organizations — and are available for businesses with a physical location in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

7. Twitter Will Start Testing “Promoted Moments” Soon: Twitter launched its long-awaited curated news product, Moments, today without any advertising component, but that lack of commercial messaging won’t last long. A Twitter spokesperson told us that the company is talking to brand partners about Promoted Moments and that it would start testing them soon, in “weeks, not months.”

8. YouTube iOS update brings fresh design, adds new in-app editing tools: Continuing its Material Design makeover for its collection of iOS apps, Google on Monday finally brought its visual design language to YouTube as part of an update that also includes several other new features.

9. Instagram has discussed an R-rated version: Despite Instagram’s reputation for censoring certain images involving nudity, the company has apparently thought about allowing more sensitive content on the platform. During Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday, Instagram cofounder Kevin Systrom said the company has talked about creating an R-rated version of the service.

10. Facebook’s Doodle lets users draw on photos, adding new feature to built-in photo editor: Facebook is rolling out Doodle to its main mobile app today. The feature, reminiscent of similar features found on Snapchat, joins the built-in filters, text overlays and stickers users can add to their pictures through the Facebook app.

11. LinkedIn is redesigning Groups and launching a standalone iOS app: LinkedIn has begun notifying group administrators of an upcoming remodel that reimagines the entire product in an effort to make LinkedIn Groups valuable for the more than 380 million registered users. Further, a standalone Groups iOS app will be released on October 14.