Instagram Changing The Feed To An Algorithm, Honey Nut Cheerios #BringBackTheBees

Global digital news - Instagram said it’s changing users’ timelines to an algorithm, Honey Nut Cheerios is stripping the boxes of its bee mascot to raise awareness for the steep decline in the world’s bee population, and more

Instagram confirms it’s changing the feed to an algorithm: Prepare to panic: Instagram said it’s changing users’ timelines to an algorithm. In a move that shadows its sister social network Facebook, the photo-sharing app said in a blog post that it will soon do away with the chronological-based approached it’s used since 2010. Photos and videos will soon appear based on “your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.”

Apple News quietly opens up to smaller content publishers: Several articles today flagged the fact that Apple News is now allowing all small content publishers and bloggers to get in on the app. Although expected, the move may be prompted by Apple’s desire to build up content and interest in the app as Facebook and Google accelerate their competing efforts. Some smaller publishers and bloggers received notice that they could “upgrade” to Apple News format for iOS.

Facebook tests topics, allowing users to converse around specific themes: Facebook is working on testing a new feature that lets users converse around topics and themes of their choosing. If you’re one of the few people this test applies to, you’ll see an option to add a topic to your post as seen below (though apparently only when you edit an existing post, and not share a new post)

Aldi Gorilla with Chocolate Bunnies: Aldi UK has released a spoof TV advert providing an homage to the 2007 Cadbury Gorilla viral hit. Instead of playing along to Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”, the Aldi Gorilla version has the gorilla playing the drums badly after comparing the price of a Lindt white chocolate bunny with a cheaper one at Aldi.

Lord & Taylor Instagram campaign crosses the line, retailer gets spanked by FTC: Failure to disclose paid “influencer” campaign brings FTC settlement, draws censure. The settlement agreement between Lord & Taylor and the FTC prohibits the company from doing something similar in the future.

To raise awareness, Honey Nut Cheerios drops the bee: Honey Nut Cheerios is stripping the boxes of its bee mascot to raise awareness for the steep decline in the world’s bee population. To coincide with the five month campaign, which is only in Canada, General Mills has launched the hashtag #BringBackTheBees and a website to inform people about the plight.

Google launches its Analytics 360 Suite to provide better marketing measurement tools for “micro-moments”: Google is making a bigger play in the marketing data arena today, with the announcement that it is launching a new enterprise-oriented measurement platform called Google Analytics 360 Suite.

Pigeons are monitoring London’s air pollution and tweeting the results: The once reviled birds are being put to use by British company Plume Labs, which has created a program called Pigeon Patrol U.K. This is how it works, the company straps air-quality sensors to a crack squad of elite pigeons from the U.K.’s large army of birds, which then take to the capital’s skies to monitor nitrogen dioxide levels. Instead of cooing, the company is tweeting out the results on its @PigeonAir Twitter handle.

Blue Moon Has New Campaign, Tagline: ‘Something’s Brewing’: Blue Moon has long portrayed itself as an artsy craft beer, most recently with stop-motion ads that show the brew’s ingredients being painted into a picture. But that approach has apparently gone stale with the newest generation of drinkers, prompting the MillerCoors-owned brand to update its marketing. The tagline “artfully crafted” is replaced by “something’s brewing” in a new campaign that seeks to redefine how the brand connects itself to creativity.

Bravo and Mashable announce content development partnership: One publisher has the cachet with the in-the-know online technology and social enthusiasts; the other has the hearts (and eyes) of the reality-loving female demo. Together, Mashable and Bravo pack a powerful punch, and yesterday announced a partnership that will result in the two properties co-producing a string of new digital series.

Time Out uses drone-filmed video for Nescafe native ad campaign: Just about every publisher has a native ad strategy. But Time Out is going one further, using drone-shot video as part of a native ad campaign for Nescafe, giving Londoners an aerial perspective of the capital at sunrise.