Instagram Adds Business Profiles, FB May Add End-to-End Encryption To Messenger

Global digital news - Instagram is finally opening up about new tools it’s adding for businesses, FB Messenger may follow WhatsApp in implementing stronger encryption, and more

1. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Tries to Lure More Americans to Canada in New Tourism Campaign: Trudeau appears in the first video of Destination Canada’s three-year campaign, “Connecting America,” which launched this month and will include ads and social media content for the U.S. market that showcases Canadian destinations.

2. Jack Link’s Jerky Hangry Hacks: Jack Link’s is running “Hangry Hacks”, an advertising campaign in which hungry and angry characters break the safety glass on an emergency reserve stash to recover their sense of perspective. “Gym Beast” features comedy sketch artist Josh Leyva losing his cool at the gym, with cameo appearances by the Hodge Twins.

3. Asia is leading the adoption of mobile adblocking; North America is dodging the bullet: The rise of mobile adblocking may not be burning publishers in the U.S. so far, but the story is very different in Asia. Countries such as China, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan are leading the adoption of mobile adblocking with roughly 36 percent of smartphone users in the Asia-Pacific region using browsers that automatically block ads, according to the latest report from PageFair.

4. Instagram adds business profiles, will tell brands how many times their organic posts are shown: Instagram is finally opening up about new tools it’s adding for businesses, which include business-specific profiles and a way for brands using these business profiles to track how many times their posts actually popped up on people’s screens.

5. Legoland’s New Campaign Is ‘Built for Kids’—Just Ask Its Pint-Size CEO: This week, Legoland and VML New York are launching a new spot starring Tommy Parker—the brand’s kid CEO as part of Legoland’s ongoing “Built for Kids” campaign. The new ads show off all of the cool features of the hotel—like a moat made out of legos and kid-friendly restaurant menus with macaroni and cheese.

6. How Cosmopolitan’s decision to prioritise events over ads has put the brand back on track: At a time when it’s becoming increasingly hard for publishers to make money, Cosmopolitan believes media executives should rely less on advertising and circulation models and focus more on events. Pulling away from advertising might seem contrarian for a legacy publisher but it’s a shift that has turned the brand into a success story.

7. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Vow to Combat Online Hate Speech in Europe: Internet and social media giants Facebook, Twitter, Google’s YouTube and Microsoft on Tuesday pledged to combat online hate speech in Europe as the European Union’s European Commission unveiled a new code of conduct in Brussels designed to avoid the “spread of illegal hate speech.”

8. Facebook may add end-to-end encryption to Messenger, report says: Facebook Messenger may follow WhatsApp in implementing stronger encryption, according to a new report. The social network could add end-to-end encryption to its Messenger app later this year.

9. Facebook spares humans by fighting offensive photos with AI: Facebook’s artificial intelligence systems now report more offensive photos than humans do, marking a major milestone in the social network’s battle against abuse, the company tells me. AI could quarantine obscene content before it ever hurts the psyches of real people.

10. Periscope introduces real-time comment moderation: Livestreaming app Periscope is rolling out a new experiment with real-time comment moderation, the company announced today.