Inside ESPN’s Mobile Strategy, Facebook’s Atlas Struggles

Global digital news - Chad Millman states mobile is everything, Atlas has problems serving ads across devices and formats, and more

Snapchat’s new audience-based ad strategy could wrest control from Discover publishers: As Snapchat’s ad platform evolves; the top publishers that helped pioneer advertising there could lose some autonomy. The messaging app wants to have more control over the ad inventory in the Discover section of the app, where publishers like BuzzFeed, Vox, Cosmo, IGN, MTV and others post daily editions.

Time Inc. is trying to win over millennial women: Making it in publishing today requires being able to connect advertisers to young consumers at scale on their preferred digital platform. That’s a tall order for a magazine company like Time Inc., whose titles have a history of operating autonomously and are rooted in print.

McDrive vs Burger King: McDonald’s in France decided to have a little fun with its direct competitor Burger King® by building an intriguing temporary billboard.

In Its Own Acceptance Speech, McDonald’s Thanks Those Who Make All-Day Breakfast Possible: McDonald’s is thanking all the people who make all-day breakfast possible in a spot by Leo Burnett in Chicago set to air during the Oscars. The ad, “Good Morning Oscars,” celebrates everyone who works to whip up McDonald’s hash browns, Egg McMuffins and pancakes.

Element Boston Seaport Table of Elements: Element Boston Seaport, a hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, is running an advertising campaign using the table of elements as visual reference. Created by Boston agency Sleek Machine, the campaign has built anticipation of the hotel’s opening in January 2016, with references to “Gb” (Green Building), “Sp” (Saline Pool), Rs (Rain Showerhead), Ns (Natural Sunlight), Ki (Kitchenette), Wd (Work Desks), Lo (Lounge), “Mr” (Meeting Rooms), Bb (Bike Borrow), Hb (Heavenly Bed), Wp (Wine Pairings), “Rb” (Rise Breakfast), and Yg (Yoga). The elements are on display in a pop-up store window, and on the hotel’s Facebook page.

News360 Launches Free Audience Analytics Tool For Publishers And Content Marketers: News discovery platform News360 is launching this week a free, cloud-based audience analytics platform for publishers and content marketers. Called NativeAI, it employs machine learning — doesn’t everyone these days? — to track which topics create the most engagement for individual readers on apps and websites, as measured by page views, time on page and similar metrics.

NBC and BuzzFeed Will Replace 30 Minutes of Commercials With Branded Content: In its first sales partnership since NBCUniversal’s $200 million investment, the BuzzFeed creative team has developed branded content for American Express that will replace about 30 minutes of national ad spots during prime time Monday. The Leap Day stunt is no small feat considering a typical hour of prime time has around 16 minutes of commercial time.

Facebook’s Atlas Struggles To Serve Its Market: Facebook’s Atlas ad server promises to deliver marketers a superior way to measure campaigns compared to DoubleClick, which commands the lion’s share of the market.

Inside ESPN’s mobile strategy: Millman, who was formerly the editor in chief of ESPN the Magazine, will help ESPN develop “a smartphone-first content effort — combining personalization, journalism, video and personality,” as the memo announcing the change described it.