Inkaar Explores On Social Media

Social media presence review of the Bollywood movie Inkaar.

Bollywood has moved beyond a couple dancing in the rain. Fresh minds are presenting an evolved Bollywood and with that movie marketing is breaking the old stereotypes too. The latest one to create a new benchmark in movie marketing is the last Friday release - Inkaar. Inkaar is being touted as one of the bold movies as it deals with sexual harassment in the corporate structure, and has been directed by the critically acclaimed director Sudhir Mishra, with Arjun Rampal and Chitrangada Singh in the lead roles.

inkaar facebook

The movie hired Ultra Violet Digital to execute its digital activities. In the last few months, it explored orthodox ways of creating buzz. During the month of December, the movie got associated with the AIDS drive where it came up with an idea of gifting condoms. At the same time the agency went ahead to create a microsite - ibitch. The objective was to highlight one of the common office culture that is bitching. The site was a platform that allowed you to vent out your feelings or to bitch about things you don’t like. In addition to this, the site shared “Office Gyaan” which was a collection of a survey result that the movie had done to find out about sexual promiscuity at work places. ((Source))

Along with these digital initiatives, the movie had a presence on most of the active social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

Social media presence of Inkaar

1. Facebook: The de-facto choice for most of the Indian brands, not surprisingly the page got a good number of likes (almost 87,000).  Launched in the month of July, the page had made sure that it integrated with all other digital activities it was performing on other mediums. For example the page shared updates about the support of AIDS, and even inviting fans to bitch on the ibitch site. Along with this contests were arranged though no dedicated apps were created. The apps that were created were about booking tickets for the movie and the movie trailer. The page managers have done good job with regular updates about the cast, behind the scenes gossip, the other digital initiatives that were taking place, etc.

2. Twitter & YouTube: With a lesser number of followers on Twitter, I see the brand decently trying to engage with the followers.  In addition to this the brand involved it’s fans with contests on the day the movie was released. The contest was a simple quiz contest with  gift hampers to be won. The move was smart for two reasons - 1) selecting Twitter as a platform to create buzz and 2) organizing it on the day of the release of the movie.

Great work on Twitter but I would have really liked them to engage further with the followers, in the process creating more buzz for the movie.

The YouTube presence is on Viacom18Movies channel. The trailer and other scenes of the movie have been uploaded on this channel. Few of the scenes, including the title song has generated good number of views and it was good to see comments on the videos.

3. Google Plus: It was good to see an Indian movie leverage Google Plus. Since the Indian audience is not very much present on Google Plus, I never expected their posts to generate much excitement. And as I see, there’s hardly any engagement, but if the social media managers thought that they can get good search traffic being present on Google Plus, covering the platform was indeed a good strategy.

The movie ensured effective use of Google+ Hangout with the fans. Fans were asked to share two questions they would ask to the stars regarding sexual harassment or battle of the sexes and the impressive ones would be invited for the Hangout. Facebook was integrated for this event and a dedicated app was created that directed fans to the Google Plus page. A smart move to drive traffic from Facebook and make the event interesting. If you missed the Hangout, catch the recorded version here.

4. Pinterest: The least I would say is, I was mighty surprised to see the movie having a presence on Pinterest. It was a bolt from the blue, as we hardly see any brands in India leverage Pinterest. Though not surprisingly with just 18 followers, there were very few pins, re-pins but it’s again a great strategy to be present on additional social media platform. However, the movie failed to draw a clear strategy for Pinterest and hence it failed to create the same buzz that it created on another networks.

Ending thoughts

Thumbs-up to the agency which handled the social media strategy for the movie. Having covered all the platforms, they ensured the buzz was created and more importantly, they kept the presence on each channels alive, giving a chance to the followers to engage. As said earlier, some clever call-to-action would have given a fillip to the engagement. In my view, even this effort is commendable. However, this also brings us to the question that should we be present on all networks or only on the ones that make sense.

Movie marketing in 2013 will enhance and Bollywood will certainly have a bigger share and bigger budgets to experiment and engage with social media. Last year we saw movies like GOW, Barfi doing interesting experiments on social media. Inkaar doesn’t disappoint us and has done a great job braving a new path on social media.