Ingersoll Rand Launches Smart Citizen 2.0 Facebook Challenge, As Part Of Its Social Convergence Initiative

Industrial firm, Ingersoll Rand has launched Smart Citizen 2.0, a sequel to its interactive Facebook app ‘Smart Citizen’, where it creates awareness on the need for judicious use of energy

Ingersoll Rand smart citizen

Industrial firm, Ingersoll Rand has launched Smart Citizen 2.0, a sequel to its interactive Facebook application called ‘Smart Citizen’. While the first chapter aimed at educating users about energy conservation at personal level, chapter two focuses on creating a wise and sustainable society.

As per a company statement, the Smart Citizen App, launched in 2013, had received an overwhelming response while educating its audience on conserving natural resources in their day to day living. The app had successfully generated a reach of more than 400,000 with close to 14000 engagements and more than 16000 fans.

Part of Ingersoll Rand’s Social Convergence initiative, the second chapter of ‘The Smart Citizen Challenge’ moves ahead from basic energy conservation and looks at conserving energy at a greater level resulting in higher yields and efficient and sustainable functioning of the society.

Based on the principles of REUSE, REDUCE & RECYCLE, the Smart Citizen 2.0 contest makes audiences realize the need for judicious use of energy. A participant has to create a whole city consisting of houses, offices and industrial workshops, where he/she has to set the optimum rules for a sustainable society in order to maintain a balance between the energy consumed and energy conserved by using innovative methods.

One has to register before starting with the app. One can either learn about various methods of conservation of energy and natural resources, or proceed to the challenge.


The challenge requires one to complete the three scenarios related to planning the city, setting the laws and optimizing individual energy consumption by choosing the most energy efficient option in the shortest possible time.

A leaderboard displays the top scorers – participants who completed the challenge in the least possible time.

The first prize is an interactive AC from Trane, a brand of Ingersoll Rand that offers residential solutions while second and third prize carry Flipkart e-gift vouchers worth Rs. 10K and Rs. 5K respectively. Daily prizes of eco-friendly tote bags are also on offer.

Brand building through Facebook

People could really do with learning to save energy in their everyday lives. How to work around excessive waste, shortage of water and electricity, heavy air pollution leading to low air quality and other pressing problems, needs consumer awareness to bring about a real change. The campaign stays true to the brand’s objective of creating a greener and energy efficient future.

The Smart Citizen Challenge makes one aware of energy conservation in residential, commercial, agricultural and public services, a level up to its first version which talks about basic energy conservation. Moreover, it has been made fun and interactive with tangible incentives, which works on a platform like Facebook where the users prefer to communicate with their friends and family over learning sustainable ways of living.

Though the Facebook challenge educates as well as gratifies the community for moving towards efficient environments, the app could be designed in a more lively and cheerful way. What are your views?