‘Nimbu Paani’ Most Value-For-Money Beverage, ‘Vada Pav’ Still Holds Forte: ING Digital Campaign Poll

Nimbu pani was voted as the most preferred beverage while idli-sambhar was voted as the most paisa vasool breakfast, in a social media poll by ING Vysya Bank as part of its digital marketing campaign

ING Vysya paisa vasool dishes

Premier private sector bank, ING Vysya has been consistently engaging with its social media community through a variety of contests and polls. As part of a digital marketing campaign for Independence Day, the bank had run a poll with its Facebook fans and Twitter followers to help understand how they find value in each food item, across different meals.

The community poll revealed few interesting insights on the eating habits of value-for-money Indian foodies, and throws light on the most ‘paisa vasool’ dishes by popular choice.

Across the categories that covered breakfast, lunch, beverages, snacks, dinner and dessert, fans voted for the most paisa vasool (value for money) food among five choices given to them, over a week-long poll. For instance, nimbu pani was voted as the most preferred beverage while idli-sambhar was voted as the most paisa vasool breakfast. Similarly, Vada pav and Gulab jamun emerged as value-for-money in categories of snacks and desserts respectively.

Around 14,000 social media fans were engaged through this activity. Fans who participated were gratified with cool prizes, every day of the pool for Facebook fans as well as Twitter followers.

With this social media driven poll, ING Vysya has not only managed to engage with its fans and followers but also established itself as bank that values your money. Connecting through food in a nation spoilt for food choices, to showcase the value of money and savings, has been a good idea for this Independence Day Paisa Vasool campaign.

The campaign objective of growing the fan base and engaging with them isn’t new in the Indian social media world, banks have been doing this from 2012. At a time when banks like Kotak Mahindra is working on a social product like Kotak Jifi that allows banking activities from social media and ICICI bank’s Pockets App that allows banking transactions without you leaving the Facebook page, ING Vysya is still in the nascent stage of social media engagement.

Hopefully, ING Vysya jumps ahead in the learning curve to keep pace with other banks on social media.