Information & Broadcasting Ministry To Use Social Media To Distribute Regional Films Internationally

Parliamentary panel has asked the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to utilise social media platforms to disseminate regional films made in the country.

The Indian government plans to preserve the richness of regional movies with the help of social media. In a recent move, a parliamentary panel has asked the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to utilise social media platforms to disseminate films made in the country.

The suggestion was made earlier this week and it comes into place after the panel looked into the performance of National Film Archives of India (NFAI), Pune, thereby suggesting that YouTube, Facebook and Twitter could be explored to disseminate Indian films internationally.

The panel believes that while social media will act as a medium of popularising and disseminating Indian cinema all over the world, simultaneously it added that uploading regional classics would also mean fetching new sources of revenue from downloads.

While the report has shown displeasure on the current state of NFAI, it has asked the government to institute a comprehensive review of NFAI with a view to revamping the organization, especially after disappointing reports claimed that the last prints of the film were destroyed in a fire at NFAI in 2003. However, according to the officials at NFAI, the prints of the movie were lost even before the NFAI started to function and that they do not exist at all now.

The National Film Archive of India that was established in February, 1964 was setup to be a centre for the dissemination of film culture in the country, and to promote Indian cinema abroad. While the institute has played an active role from a long time, it needs to be upgraded with the changing times. Using social media as a new medium could not only help the movies get a wider reach but even provide a way for international audiences to have a taste of the regional movies.

Actor turned Producer Abhay Deol did the same for his latest movie One By Two, whereby he decided to release the romantic and comedy Hindi movie internationally on the day of its release on Facebook. The movie that was available at theaters in India became the first ever film to be released on Facebook, a feat that not even Hollywood films have tried out before.