Infinium Toyota And Shoppers Stop Try Facebook Offers

An article on Indian brands such as Shoppers Stop And Infinium Toyota Trying Facebook Offers

Facebook has been making news right from the $1B deal with Instagram to introducing Facebook offers for selected clients and finally to the May17th date of its IPO. It is in a mad rush and in doing so, it has introduced some interesting features such as Facebook ads on timeline, timeline feature for brand pages and the recently launched Facebook Offers. Facebook Offers has been in the news for some time now since pundits are speculating that Facebook might be revamping its Facebook Commerce with Facebook Offers. Not a bad move I would say but the onus now lies on brand pages to use them effectively. If you are still wondering what is a Facebook Offer and how as a brand you can use it effectively, then click here for the detailed Facebook help or simply check out the video below.

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However, Facebook Offers is not open to all and is still being tested by few brands globally. But the exciting news is that Shoppers Stop, one of the leading shopping destination retail outlet in India tried Facebook Offers yesterday whereas Infinium Toyota tried it on Thursday itself. The execution of Shoppers Stop has been handled by Komli Media whereas Infinium Toyota Facebook Offers is by Odigma. Komli Media and Odigma have both shared this feat on their wall, which incidentally is also the source of my article.

Shoppers Stop Facebook Offers
Shoppers Stop Facebook Offer

After reading this news, I jumped on to the Shoppers Stop Facebook brand page, which had the offer running. I grabbed the offer to see how it works and upon click I received a message saying that the offer has been sent to your inbox. In a while I received an email, which clearly stated about the offer and I was informed that either I take a print out or I can show it from my mobile too.  After I had availed the offer, I was also asked  if I would be interested in sharing it with my friends and the activity was reflected on my Facebook timeline under the activity section.  And by any chance if you misplaced the offer then reclaim the offer by specifying the same email id or via a different one. The offer that has been currently claimed by 186 people, is a great experiment from Shoppers Stop. The Infinium Toyota’s Facebook Offer also works the same way but has got more popularity, perhaps as it is more lucrative to its fans.

Infinium Toyota Facebook Offer
Infinium Toyota Facebook Offer

I am sure that Indian e-commerce brands especially, may be dying to test the Facebook Offers. However, the challenge would be to give more than the usual 10% discount and at the same time adding meaning to the free give away. One initiative could be clubbing the free give away with some CSR initiative. I am sure that in the coming days we would see much more creativity in this area and I am trusting that Facebook will provide more insights on Facebook Offers. Right now Facebook shows total number of people who have claimed the offer but insights on the demographics of the people who have claimed the offer would be beneficial.

Facebook Offers should be exciting to look out for, in the future when more and more brands jump into it as you can sandwich them with sponsored ads too. At the same time, it would be a challenge for sites like Social Deal Factory who survive on the same concept of providing customized deals to brands.

So as a brand, are you excited to try Facebook Offers or do you think that your fans won’t be interested and even consider it as one more source of spam. Do share your thoughts in the comments section.