L’Oreal Paris India Brings Alive The Cannes Red Carpet For Its Fans On Social Media

L’Oreal Paris India's unique digital initiative that enables fans to walk India’s Red Carpet To Cannes by performing a series of tasks on Facebook and Twitter to unlock exclusive festival coverage and earn miles

The ongoing 66th Cannes Film Festival is playing host to some of the most glamorous celebrities from around the world. This year the Festival had L’Oreal Paris showcase the all-new makeup collection created especially for the occasion – L’Or Sunset, a heartfelt homage to the beauty of cinema. And with Indian cinema celebrating 100 years, Bollywood has taken the center stage on the much awaited red carpet this year.

Walking this prestigious red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival is something every girl dreams of and with this in mind, L’Oreal Paris India teamed up with digital and social media ideas and solutions agency FoxyMoron to create a unique campaign - ‘India’s Red Carpet to Cannes’. The digital campaign sought to replicate this ceremonious walk for every Indian girl through social media, by performing a series of tasks on Facebook and Twitter in order to unlock exclusive coverage from the festival and earn miles. These tasks took place from the 6th to the 14th of May, prior to the Festival beginning on the 15th of May 2013.

L'oreal Paris India red carpet

India’s Red Carpet to Cannes

A Facebook app hosted the virtual red carpet that extended all the way from India to Cannes. Fans across the official L’Oreal Paris India social media platforms had to cover the distance of 4100 miles in 10 days with the 5 assigned tasks that were strategically aligned keeping in mind a Bollywood theme, the brand legacy and most importantly the campaign objective. Fans earned certain miles on the Red Carpet by performing tasks.

While the first task ‘Love L’Or Sunset’ involved proposing to the L’Or Sunset collection in Bollywood style on Facebook, the second task as the name suggests ‘Tweet like a Bollywood star‘ was enabled on the brand’s Twitter page using the hashtag #BollywoodStar. ‘Get filmy‘ encouraged fans to share ‘filmy’ stuff done by their partners and ‘Share your Bollywood look‘ was about sharing your pictures with Bollywood-style makeup on the Facebook wall. ‘My Red Carpet Companion‘ asked fans who is the special someone she would want to walk the Red Carpet with.

Fans earned miles at each task as well as stood a chance to win surprise gifts for their participation. In return, the L’Oreal Paris India communities on Facebook and Twitter saw a rise.

Interestingly, the red carpet keeps getting longer as fans complete more tasks and more people join the page, and at the end of the last task they finally reach Cannes. The app has covered important milestones of the journey with the tasks’ status and number of fans added.

Below are a few screenshots that capture the really long app at a few tasks towards making the 4100 miles to Cannes:





The Facebook page of L’oreal Paris India has been actively engaging its 1.6 million strong fan base throughout the journey and thereafter continues to share exclusive Cannes coverage. Beginning with a cover page, then inviting fans to walk the Red Carpet digitally and encouraging them to complete tasks, the page admin has ensured active engagement by the fans. Since the Cannes Film Festival went live, the page has been constantly sharing exclusive Cannes coverage with images; in fact the L’Oreal Paris India Instagram account that was launched with this campaign, has grown from 30 to 1.7K followers in less than a week.

Getting closer to fans, bringing it alive

India’s Red Carpet to Cannes is a winner in its concept. By enabling fans to walk the Red Carpet to Cannes digitally, and feel like a Diva, the beauty brand stays true to its tagline - ‘Because you’re worth it’. Apart from the concept, it excels in design and execution.

The significant feature is the use of Facebook and Twitter concurrently, thereby helping to bond both communities with this campaign. Besides, making the Red Carpet a ‘like’ app has added 25K relevant fans to the Facebook community. The use of Instagram is also quite ingenious here and helps L’Oreal Paris India in building a relevant user base on its Instagram platform too.

India’s Red Carpet to Cannes is an awesome concept that has been executed well, what do you think?

Disclosure: Foxymoron is an advertiser at Lighthouse Insights