Star Plus Engages India’s Dancing Superstar Fans With A Facebook App, Tweet Driven Microsite With Second Screen Experience

A look at the social media efforts by Star Plus for its dance reality show 'India's dancing Superstar' where fans can match the steps through a Facebook game and also tweet their favourite moves


Television channels have been the quickest to embrace social media in India with most channels now boasting of a few million fans on Facebook. And the challenge they are facing now is of fan engagement. The ongoing dance reality show on Star Plus ‘India’s Dancing Superstar’ has taken fan engagement to a new level for its more than 2.8 million fans.

I’d witnessed a series of Facebook ads inviting me to match the steps with the dance reality show and thought that was a cool thing to do. The show has created smart and fun avenues through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to maximise engagement.

India’s Dancing Superstar (IDS) online challenge on Facebook

A Facebook app on the Star Plus page called ‘India’s Dancing Superstar online challenge’ invites you to match the steps of a dancing superstar with the help of the arrow keys on your keyboard. The app also features images and videos from the show where you can watch some behind the scenes bloopers and know more about the judges. True to the show’s philosophy that dance is an expression of emotion and that anybody above 5 years can be a part of IDS, the app tries to emulate the show’s features. As in the show, fans too can participate as solo, couple or group entries.

After registering with your name and contact details, you have to answer a multiple choice question related to the show. The app is divided into these four sections after you have clicked on ‘play’.

India's_dancing_superstar_FAcebook app

‘About the show’ gives a snapshot of the show and its format along with a video.

‘How to dance’ gives you the keyboard instructions to match the dance steps. When the dancing figure on the screen begins his/her moves, a progress bar starts at the bottom and before the ball on it reaches the green zone, you have to press the right arrow keys. Press the arrow keys in the same order to get right moves. Use space bar when ball is in the green zone. The more accurate your moves, the higher you score. You lose a chance every time you get the move wrong and the game ends when you lose two chances!

Choose any category: Solo, Couple or Group as your perfromance will be judged and ranked according to that.

‘Leaderboard’ shows your best scores in each of the categories and the top dancers too.

‘My scores’ is a dashboard of your scores in each of the categories. You can make different crews based on Couple and Group categories by inviting your Facebook friends. In Couple crew, you can invite another friend whereas Group crew can have a maximum of 7 members including you, so you can invite 6 friends. Besides, you might be invited by your friends to form part of their crews. The app shows you crew invitations and crews you are part of.

You can match steps in - The G9, “1,2.3”, Push it! and ‘What’s my name’.

IDS ropes in Twitter with #TweetDance

A microsite allows you to feature yourself on your favourite dancer’s supermoves through Twitter.

Tweet to vote for your favourite dance move by logging in with your Twitter account and tweeting the dance move along with the hashtag #TweetDance. If your dance move receives the most number of tweets, you can discover your profile picture when you rollover the dancer. In fact, the hashtag #TweetDance was also aired on television screens during the show to engage viewers through Twitter.


Ending thoughts

Star Plus has taken to social media like a duck takes to water, be it for Nach Baliye or MasterChef for that matter. The Facebook app is fun, works smoothly and provides for a great user experience. Although it took me a while to match the keyboard moves in the right order on the Facebook app, it was fun after a while. The game can get even more addictive if participants play in Couple or Group categories. Gamifying the dance reality show on Facebook and also the concept of leveraging the web of friends on Facebook to form couple and group entries is a cool thing to do. 

The campaign on Twitter has also been designed as per the nature of the micro-blogging network. Having your profile pictures form part of the favourite dancer’s move is a cool way to engage, as compared to just getting retweets and prizes. Besides, by bringing in Twitter to give a second-screen experience while the show is on air, Star Plus has created a fun way to involve viewers during the show.

However, the prize for the highest scorers on the IDS online challenge on Facebook is unclear. The T&Cs also state it as ‘The Prize’ but do not mention what it involves. Quite strange!

All in all, impressive efforts to keep the online crowds entertained and engaged for a dance reality television show. It also looks like a first, what do you say?