Indians Active Between 2 P.M to 3 P.M On Social Media Networks

Indians Active Between 2 P.M to 3 P.M On Social Media Networks

Social Networking in India for the month of April, 2011 touched 43 million out of 56 million Internet users. The data was shared by Web Audience Measurement (WAM) that researched users who were 15 years or above. The report has been prepared with the use of IMRB Internationals WAM platform and the major categories that emerged in terms of usage were Email, Social Networking, Finance, Online Travel and Cricket.

43 Million Indians on Social Media Networks

Insights and observations:

  • Social Networking is growing in India but still trailing behind by 8 million as compared to ‘Emails’  in terms of reach.
  • Socio-Economic Class (SEC) CDE consisting of the mid and lower classes contribute 15 million. This cannot be ignored and calls for action from brands and social media managers.
  • Users are active on Social Media Networks from morning 10.00 till 21.00 hours after which we see a slump; the usage peaks during 14.00 to 14.59 considering this to be lunch time with 22.5 million active users . So as Social Media community managers, one can grab this opportunity of engaging its community. Though we think that the pattern will definitely change during weekends.
  • Facebook, Orkut, IBIBO and LinkedIn are the top social networks that are being accessed by Indians. Facebook leads the race with 39.6 million people socializing on it and only a mere 6.7 million on LinkedIn.
  • Facebook has the highest WRP (web rating point) for peak times and no other social network comes close to it. This is a definite indication for marketers where to look out for and find different ways to engage in terms of apps, games etc. Although LinkedIn is a professional network, it definitely has lot of work to do in terms of engaging its community.

Though the data doesn’t reveal weekend activities or the different ways in which users access the Internet but the Facebook data is going to be useful for community or social media managers considering it to be the most used network in India. We believe you  find this data useful.

P.S. : We have mainly focused on the Social Networking data and for the full report you can visit here.