50% Of Indian Youth Use Twitter Via Mobile And 25% Use For Consuming News Updates

A report by Simplify360 which looks at how Indian youth are using Twitter. 50% use the network via mobile and 25% use it for consumption of news

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Naureen Fatima, Summer Intern at Simplify360. She is currently pursuing her Post Graduation degree from IIM Raipur.

Over the past few years, more and younger Indians have succumbed to the charm of tweets. Be it politicians like Kejriwal or Modi or celebrities like Priyanka Chopra or Chetan Bhagat, Twitter is fast pervading within the Indian borders.

Objective and Motive

We wanted to know how the young audience of India has adopted Twitter for expressing themselves.

After seeing Indian youth’s involvement during Indian elections 2014 on Twitter, we realized that this is the segment which is very vocal and expressive about what they believe in.

Thus, we decided to dissect their Twitter usage habits, as for brands that are targeting youth segment it will be very vital to know as how young population of India is interacting on Twitter.


It was a questionnaire based survey, where we reached out to the target audience in the major cities of India; the survey had questions based on the areas like what subject they tweet most about, when they tweet, how frequently they tweet and other preferences.

This survey was aimed at unraveling how youth are using Twitter as a means of communication and participation in social/commerce events.

The sample size was 170 with age group 22-25 forming the largest chunk (45%), followed by 25-30 with 37%, while audience came from 21 cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, Bangalore, Noida, etc.

So what are the trends and how can brands leverage this?

Simplify 360 conducted a survey and came up with very intriguing results about the way Twitter is used by Indian youth.

Have a look if you are an Indian youth tweeting your life out, read it even if you are not one.

• Majority of Indians can be found on Twitter within the time slot 9-12 pm, so if being a brand you are planning for a campaign launch that is worth all the buzz and attention, you know when you should be doing that.

• When it comes to following people, Indian youth prefer their friends and colleagues most, followed by politicians, sportsmen, and celebrities.

• Tweet and Re-tweet is the most favored activity on Twitter and DM is the least used service on Twitter.

• One out of every two Indian youth uses mobile phone as a medium to access Twitter. Are brands listening?

• Most of the Indian youth access Twitter to get news updates on the go. It is also preferred as a socializing and networking hub. So the mantra is “Be Precise, Be catchy”.

• Indians’ love for sports, politics and humor doesn’t spare Twitter as they emerge as the top three areas of interest.

• Looks like brevity is a cliché for some of us, around 1/3rd respondents wished Twitter allowed more than 140 characters.

• Number of Twitter users tweeting on a daily basis was found to be very meager which shows that mostly people re-tweet tweets already posted/trending.

Click on the Slide Share to find the detailed findings of the survey: