Indian Youth Congress Embraces Google Cloud Computing

Indian Youth Congress Embraces Google Cloud Computing


What would be your first reaction if we tell you that the youth wing of the country’s oldest regimes, Indian Youth Congress has elected 28000 volunteers for using Google apps for Business, Google’s suite of communication and collaboration? You will surely think there is something political about it. IYC is simply tapping on the need of the hour that is connecting with its fellow workers and the Indian youth.  It’s a well thought of move by the young brigade in IYC that old traditional ways won’t work anymore in the social world. Thus becoming the first Indian social organization to climb the cloud.

Venturing with Google in Cloud computing is a justified choice as it has been an answer for such motives in past. Google apps for Business will not only provide customized messaging solutions over 300 locations in India but will enhance the productivity and growth of IYC. With tools such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc. IYC can go ahead and build on the image that it’s trying to create among the Indian youth – An organization for the masses that is ready to change the face of Indian politics.

Indian Governments embracing technology to connect with masses isn’t a new activity but its move into the ‘cloud’ is going to be appreciated. And when in a country where 65% is below the age of 35 and 32.1 million are hooked up on the internet, such moves are necessary. But embracing new technology alone is not enough and that’s why IYC is joining the Enterprise Road Show of Google.  Google executives and the partners will be meeting to discuss and reach out to the customer at this road show. With Congress steering growth in India, one may believe that these moves might lead to better internet infrastructure for the common masses.

So be prepared to receive daily newsletters from the IYC and if you are lucky, you may chat with Rahul Gandhi on Gtalk too.