The 16 Most Hilarious Twitter Trends Of 2014

A collection of the funniest Twitter trends we have enjoyed throughout 2014

They say India is a very funny country without a sense of humour. But if you are a regular on the nation’s most preferred online townsquare – Twitter - you would agree that’s not true at all. Indian Twitterati are a hilarious lot, always looking at the lighter side of things. To add to it, there is a growing breed of Twitter comedians for whom making jokes at the expense of actors, politicians and celebrities is all in a day’s job.

This year – 2014 – has seen a heavy dose of laughter on Twitter, what with the rundown to the Lok Sabha elections and the many funny Twitter trends we witnessed throughout the year.

Here’s a collection of the funniest Twitter India trends of 2014:

1. Actor Alok Nath stereotyped as the Bollywood babuji becomes a Twitter favourite after a few of his movies are shown back to back on New Year weekend

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2. Actor Neil Nitin Mukesh had a seriously funny birthday this year, by virtue of his name that sounds like three first names

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3. Actress Yami Gautam is at the receiving end for endorsing a fairness cream

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4. CBSE topper Sarthak Agarwal scores 99.6% only to become the next Indian meme star

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5. India’s Mars Orbiter Mangalyaan enters the red planet and this is what happens on Earth

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6. When Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi decides to give his first interview in 10 years to Times Now Editor Arnab Goswami

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7. When he speaks about the idea of Congress at the AICC meet, but can’t help inspiring more jokes

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8. Flipkart’s Big Billion Day sale may have been termed a success but it was the butt of jokes on Twitter

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9. When Congress Spokesperson Shashi Tharoor was sacked for excessively praising the opposition

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10. Twitter users invent the funniest #CelebCrackers this Diwali

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11. When Congress spokesperson Americai Narayanan was asked if there was corruption in the UPA, and he responds with ‘Hell Yeah’

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12. When Inception Director Christopher Nolan was to visit IIT Mumbai, but the joke was on us. IIT M called it off later

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13. When Robert Vadra is questioned on his controversial land deals and he responds with a ‘Are you serious?’ to the journalist

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14. Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography describes ex-coach Greg Chappell as a ‘ringmaster’ and everybody joins in

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15. When Rohit Sharma made cricketing history with 264 runs against Sri Lanka

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16. What Narendra Modi Said To President Putin?

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