How Sony PIX, Channel [V] & NDTV Good Times Leveraged Social Media For Rebranding

How Indian television channels like Sony PIX, Channel [V] and NDTV Good Times are rebranding via social media


The year is ending on a promising note for television audiences in the country. With some of the television channels having exercised a complete rebranding with not just a new logo, but an altogether new set of shows in line with the evolved brand philosophy, viewers are in for more. But, how effective is a rebranding exercise if not shouted from the rooftops?

Television audiences as well as the consumer at large need to be informed about a particular change and what to expect from now on. And the challenges are many – right from audience segmentation, other channel noise to more consumption devices available to the consumer.

Here we look at a few re-branding campaigns by Indian television channels in terms of what they did on social and digital to create buzz about the new:

Sony PIX says ‘Stay Amazed’

Sony_Pix_Stay_AmazedSony Pix, the Hollywood movie channel from Multi Screen Media (MSM), took on a new avatar on October 27, 2021 with ‘Stay Amazed’ – the channel’s new identity. Interestingly, it was introduced in conjunction with the premiere of James Bond’s latest spy thriller Skyfall where the channel revealed the new neon green logo.

With a number of English movie channels vying for viewer attention, Sony PIX needed to differentiate from the crowd and provide an amazing experience to  its viewers. On Facebook, it created the Skyfall game – the ‘Biggest secret mission ever’ where winners were awarded a free trip to ‘Bond in Motion’ in London, a museum that exhibits automobiles and gadgets used in all James Bond movies.

In the ‘Biggest secret mission ever’ game, your friends were in the danger zone and you had to save and take charge. Interestingly, while the two missions could be completed in the virtual game, the last one needed a secret code that was flashed during the television premiere.

In addition, the channel also created a unique animated character called Notty Pixy - a Hollywood insider who provides fans with the latest Hollywood news and gossip with a bitchy and saucy twist. The Notty Pixy slot on TV being integrated with social media, helps connect the online fans with PIX. Twitter was also roped in to engage with contests like #IfIWereASecretAgent  and #BondWithNottyPixy.

A refreshing new logo, an animated Hollywood insider and a blockbuster movie premiere ensured Sony PIX fans ‘Stay Amazed’ all the time.

Channel [V] gets social savvy with ‘Correct Hai’

Channel_V_new_logoOn November 25, 2013, the Star India owned music channel, Channel [V] got younger and social savvy to rebrand with a new logo and new shows oriented to the youth. The interesting part of the logo was the losing out on the square brackets around ‘V’. The new logo is a round pink sticker with the letter ‘V’ in white. A little flap at the top left corner has been pulled up to reveal ‘All New’. The tagline reads ‘Correct hai’ in the language of the youth – while the second ‘r’ in correct has been reversed vertically, the ‘hai’ is in Hindi script!

Along with teaser updates on the social platforms of Channel [V], promo videos of the new show were also shared to create buzz. Each of the new shows had a Facebook page of its own. In fact the show ‘Confessions of an Indian Teenager’ also has a blog which is similar to the show’s format. Here a teenager named Vaibhav Sharma shares about everything that sucks in his life and you can share your own confessions with him too.

Twitter was leveraged to create an online conversation around the new brand philosophy with hashtag #correcthai. Short videos were created to throw light on the stereotypical ideas existing in our society and shared through YouTube.

The Channel [V] rebranding story was unveiled in layers – teaser updates, promo videos, Facebook and Twitter updates about the new shows, dedicated Facebook pages for the shows, blogs, and all this while creating conversations around ‘correct hai’.

NDTV Good Times gets younger with ‘#LiveYoung

NDTV Good times #liveyoung logoAfter 6 years in the television space bringing the best of lifestyle programs to the socially upbeat audience, NDTV Good Times decided to revamp as a channel for the young. On November 18, 2013, NDTV Good Times got a new logo with a very interesting tagline – #LiveYoung. The hashtag in the tagline is probably a first where a television channel has adopted a social media phenomenon as part of its branding.

Along with the new tagline, the revamping meant new shows and time slots for the various lifestyle baskets it caters to – style at 7 pm, travel at 8 pm, food at 9 pm and reality shows at 10 pm, for example.

Fans were incentivised to tune in to the all-new channel through the #LiveYoung contest. As part of the contest, a simple question was shared in the programs and also on the Facebook and Twitter pages. While correct entries won Good Times goodie bags everyday, the ones with maximum correct entries could win free trips to China, sponsored by China Tourism board.

All expense paid trips, goodie bags, new shows oriented to the ever-evolving consumer and cool promotions on social media emphasized #LiveYoung to its viewers.

Rebranding, in other words, is telling a new story and what better medium than social media to tell a new story. The channels mentioned here are all telling stories in a new voice and adopting the language of this age. Tell us which is your favourite rebranding from the above.