Indian Social Media – Stories Of The Week (17th June – 22nd June 2013)

Weekly round up of Indian social media news from 17th June – 22nd June 2013

Listing some of the selected stories of Indian social media  from social media news to campaigns and interviews from the week – 17th June – 22nd June 2013.

Social Media News

1. Indian Government Wants Track Location Details Of Every Mobile User From 2014: DoT has raised a directive which states that all telecom service providers in the country should make location details, a mandatory part of call data records (CDR) for all mobile users in the country, starting mid- 2014. Click to read more.


2. Planning Commission Objects To I&B Ministry’s Plans To Set Up Another Social Media Cell: The proposal from (I&B) ministry of giving gadgets to babus and opening a separate social media cell has received a major road block from the Planning Commission objecting the initiative. Click to read more.

3. How A Misleading Title From The Hindu Made The Madras High Court Trend On Twitter For All the Wrong Reasons: We look at how a misleading title from The Hindu made the Madras High Court trend on Twitter for all the wrong reasons with the hashtag #MadrasHC. Click to read more.

4. Chinese Messaging App WeChat Responds. Says It Complies With All Indian Regulations: WeChat, the Chinese messaging apps is facing roadblocks in India due to security concerns but a spokesperson from Tencent has revealed that they follow all local guidelines. Click to read more.

5. Messaging App Hike Announces Support For European Languages And Adds New Features: Messaging app Hike announces support for European languages and adds new features such as a bunch of exciting stickers, voice chat and Last Seen update with friends only. Click to read more.

6. Daikin India’s ‘Cool A School’ Leverages Social Media. Says 1 Million Views = 1 More School: A look at the social media efforts for Daikin India’s ‘Cool A School’ campaign, where the brand will provide cooling solutions for every 1 million views on an awareness film created for the same. Click to read more.

7. Delhi Duty Free Ropes In Vir Sanghvi As Facebook Guest Editor: The largest duty free Indian retailer, Delhi Duty Free has roped in Vir Sanghvi as a Guest Editor for its Facebook page, where Vir will inform, educate and influence fans on luxury goods. Click to read more.

Social Media Campaigns

1. 10 Hashtags That Dominated Twitter For Father’s Day Weekend: We take a look at the 10 hashtags that dominated Twitter for Father’s Day weekend. Click to read more.

2. Zee TV’s “Connected Hum Tum” Connects Through Social Media: We take a look at how Zee TV’s “Connected Hum Tum” creates a presence on different social media channels and creates conversation with people. Click to read more.

Connected Hum Tum Zee TV

3. KFC India Promtes Krushers With Fan Generated Facebook Graphic Novel And Interactive YouTube Channel: A look at the social media efforts by KFC India for Krushers promotions - Facebook app where fans can create their own graphic novel and an interactive YouTube channel to experience the Krushers effect. Click to read more.

4.’s ‘Yaar Tu God Hai’ Lacks The Shine On Social Media: A review of the’s ‘Yaar Tu God Hai’ campaign about their latest offering around integrating your Facebook friends to find your dream job for you. Click to read more.


1. With India’s Prism ‘Central Monitoring System’, Online Privacy Is A Myth: We look at how India’s Prism the Central Monitoring System is going to monitor all your web and mobile activities and how it is a treat to privacy. Click to read more.


2. How Coca-Cola’s Small World Experiment Impacted Its Social Media Performance: Guest post from Vikas Bysani in which he talks about Coca-Cola’s campaign “Small World Machines” and its impact on social media channels. Click to read more.

3. The 10 Most Engaging Father’s Day Facebook Posts: We take a look at the 10 most engaging father’s day Facebook posts with the help of Unmetric. Click to read more.

4. How Kingfisher Has Evolved Beyond Campaigns To Build Platforms Supported Through Social Media: We take a look at how Kingfisher has evolved beyond campaigns to build community platforms supported through social media. Click to read more.

Social Media Apps

1. DecideQuick Makes Informed Decisions By Providing Similar User Experiences From Social Media: Review of DecideQuick that helps you in making informed decisions faster through social media by gaining from the experiences of others. Click to read more.


2. mYwindow Is A Social Network That Allows You To Follow Your Passion And Interests: Review of mYwindow which is a social network that allows you to follow your passion and interests. Click to read more.

3. Facebook Gifting Platform Giftology Goes Mobile, Launches An Android App: Review of Giftology Android Application which lets you gift your Facebook Friends. Click to read more.


1. How Google Plus Works For Sumit Sen, Birder, Photographer And Conservationist: An interview with Sumit Sen, Birder, Photographer And Conservationist who thinks that Google Plus works for him and shares what makes 67K people have him in circles. Click to read more.