Indian Social Media – Stories Of The Week (10th June – 15th June 2013)

Weekly roundup from Indian Social Media – Stories Of The Week (10th June – 15th June 2013)

Listing some of the selected stories of Indian social media  from social media news to campaigns and interviews from the week – 10th June – 15th June 2013.

Social Media News

1. An Autodriver From Bangalore Returns iPhone, Gets Famous On Facebook: Story of Zamir an auto driver from Bangalore who got famous on Facebook because of his good deed when he returned back Rita Senthil Selvaraj’s new iPhone. Read more here.

Bangalore Traffic Police Facebook

2. Announcing Delightags For Pune Foodies. Tweet To Get Your Discount Coupons: Delightags is a unique venture by Hrishikesh Rajpathak and Sahil Khan, that seeks to ease the discount coupon process by a simple tweet. Read more here.

3. How A Negative Blog Post Killed The Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen On Social Media: A group of youngsters blog about a shocking experience at Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen, making it trend on Twitter. The post goes viral and restaurant gets a bad rating on review site. Read more here.

4. The Lemp Social Media Disaster Episode,  The Press Release And Why It Still Does Not Get Social Media: The Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen social media disaster as it unfolded, the unsigned press release after 3 days and some suggestions on how this needed to be tackled on social media. Read more here.

5. Post Prism, Internet Companies Facebook And Google May Be Asked To Set Up Servers In India: Indian internet companies have urged the Government to ask Google, Facebook and other American Web sites to set up local servers after the news of NSA and Prism is revealed. Read more here.

6. Post Prism, India Feels Messaging App WeChat Not Safe As It Is A Chinese Company: The intelligence agency has told the National Security Advisor that WeChat the mobile messaging service from the Chinese Internet giant Tencent is raising new cyber threats. Read more here.

Social Media Campaigns

1. TOI’s ‘I Lead India’ Reaches Out To The Youth Through Social Media: A look at the social media efforts of the Times of India’s youth-led campaign ‘I Lead India’ to create change makers at the grass roots level. Read more here.


2. Star Plus Engages India’s Dancing Superstar With A Facebook App, Tweet Driven Microsite With Second Screen Experience: A look at the social media efforts by Star Plus for its dance reality show ‘India’s dancing Superstar’ where fans can match the steps through a Facebook game and also tweet their favourite moves. Read more here.

3. #ChennaiExpressArrives But Fails To Deliver On Twitter: Chennai Express is inviting Twitter users to tweet with #ChennaiExpressArrives to help fuel the virtual train from Mumbai to Rameshwaram and watch the trailer as the train reaches the destination. Read more here.

4. Kingfisher Blue Mile Engages Adventure Seekers Through Social Media: Initiated by Kingfisher Blue, the Kingfisher Blue Mile is a platform to connect adventure seekers. It uses social media to connect, engage and build a social media community. Read more here.


5. Pepsi India’s Virtual ‘Road To Champions’ Is Fuelled By Fan Engagement: A look at Pepsi India’s social media campaign ‘Road to Champions’ for the ICC Champions Trophy, where fans earn points or kilometers for each of their social interactions, on the way to the Champions finals. Read more here.

6. Hyundai And ESPNcricinfo Bring CricJockey For The ICC Champion’s Trophy: Guest post from Nitin Amlani where he describes how Hyundai India along with ESPNcrickinfo is engaging with fans on social media for their CricJockey campaign during the ICC Champion’s Trophy. Read more here.

7. 9 Cool Father’s Day Facebook Campaigns 2013: A collection of Father’s Day Facebook campaigns of 2013 that includes fans writing letters, sending wishes or sharing pictures with their dads. Read more here.


1. Sorry Forbes India And Firstpost Cocoberry Has Yet Not Cracked Social Media: A post by Shravan Bhat at Forbes India and later posted in Firstpost claimed that the frozen yoghurt chain Cocoberry has cracked social media but we bring the real story by showing that the claims are baseless and false. Read more here.

Cocoberry Facebook Forbes india

2. How Coca-Cola’s Small World Experiment Impacted Its Social Media Performance: Guest post from Vikas Bysani in which he talks about Coca-Cola’s campaign “Small World Machines” and its impact on social media channels. Read more here.

Social Media Apps

1. Hammer - An Indian Social Network That Allows You To Share Opinions: Hammer is a global destination where people can meet new people and share instant feedbacks/opinions. Read more here.

2. GreetZap App Review - Send personalized messages to your loved ones: GreetZap by TimesMobile, a platform to send personalized messages to your friends, has recently introduced Facebook connect to wish your Facebook friends on their birthday. Read more here.


1. Think On A Consumer Strategy Rather Than A Mobile Or Social One, Says Tripti Lochan, CEO, VML Qais: Interview with Tripti Lochan, CEO, VML Qais about the agency, campaigns, industry thoughts on social media analytics and where is social media heading from here. Read more here.

Tripti Lochan