5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on October 7, 2021

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The week ended with the big news from Facebook announcing the social network giant has 1 billion active users on the platform without stressing on the fact that how many are bots. At our end, we also shared some big news too - two of our friends and well wishers join the LHI team, and would be contributing interesting stories and thoughts. In addition to this, we shared some insightful posts like Twitter strategy for brandsIndian banks leveraging social media and the road ahead and the growing trend of hijacking branded hashtags on Twitter by brands. The week also had a great guest contribution from Kshitij Rihal and a case study too.

 The week also put forth some interesting stories that would be a good read for you this weekend.

1. Suresh Raina responsible for nephew’s ‘tweetolestation’: There is no delete button on the Internet and before you post anything on social media, think twice since before you realize someone has already pressed the print screen button. This happened some time back with Volkswagen’s sexist tweet and now happens with our cricketer, Suresh Raina.

Airtel cashing from the mistake

Merinews covers the episode quite cheekily and shares some interesting thoughts or tweets on how the Indian tweeps from across the border reacted to it. Read it for fun but seriously lets not blame the technology for our foolish outbursts. It takes few minutes to go viral for all the wrong reasons.

2. Does corporate India understand social media? - part 2: In part 1, Archana Venkatratnam spoke about how corporate India has struggled to understand social media by citing the popular goof up of Volkswagen India on Twitter. Carrying that series further the blogger now speaks about how corporations are rushing towards getting bigger numbers without even thinking what that many ‘likes’ mean or who the fans are and how can they add value. Archana adds her own example and cites how MasterChef Australia fails to either sale/engage with her since she is a veggie lover.

3. When to leave the Feedburner: If you are a blogger and rely on Google services most of the time like we do then the uncertainty of Feedburner might be bothering you. Amit has tried to answer this common concern in his post assuring the bloggers that the main function of the Feedburner i.e. accessing feeds via email is still active. However, services like Adsense for feeds, accessing the API to pull data have been disabled. So for now we have a respite but even if tomorrow Google decides to close it then one would have ample time to shift bases.

4. How Quora, Stackoverflow and Yelp create sustainable user contribution systems with a simple hack: Sangeet this time shares about a very simple feature/hack but then it is also the backbone for user generated content sites like Quora, Yelp, etc. In a UGC platform, a user comes looking for an information and the search function is the first step to this process. If she finds an exact match then she  moves to consuming it otherwise she is prompted to create one. A model on which Quora has survived and going good too. Further Sangeet talks about the advantages and factors that make the model work.

5. Photos, albums and stories: Facebook’s interesting design for the photo album: Shrinath V in his post shares his love for photography and how with time Facebook has changed the way we look at images. The author starts from the days of Kodak when there were no digital images and more problems. Over time it moved on and then came digital. With digital we had services like Flickr, Picassa, etc. However the author has liked the way Facebook has worked on images and the new design which is more or less an inspiration from Pinterest, that has made it more attractive. Shrinath still feels that there are some areas that Facebook can work on, making it an exciting read.

By the way, I hope you are keeping a tab on Lightoons, if not then this was the last one we had from our budding cartoonist Vijay.

Lightoons 5 Facebook 2012

We hope that you enjoy our curated list for this week and do let us know if you would like to add some more articles to the list. You can always leave them as a comment or tweet us at @LHInsights.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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