Must Reads: Mobile Messaging App Challenges, Facebook Transparency Report, Pizza Hut #SizeMatters And More

This weeks must reads from the Indian social media space.

The week gave us an opportunity to bring interesting news and exciting stories from Indian social media but most of us don’t have the time to consume the insightful articles or the big social media campaign reviews and app reviews. I hope the weekend will give you some time to go through a few of our interesting stories, which we have curated below.

1. From Getting Hacked To Being Regulated By Governments, Mobile Messaging Apps Face A New Set Of Challenges: A look at the present set of challenges from being hacked to government regulations that mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Hike, Viber etc. are facing today. Read more here.

Mobile messaging apps hacked

2. What’s Wrong With Facebook’s First Global Government Requests Transparency Report? Facebook released its first Global Government Requests Transparency Report recently and we think that it needs to provide more insights like Twitter and Google do in their transparency reports. Read more here.

3. Facebook Relaxes Promotional Guidelines: What Are They, How Useful, Challenges And Why Now? Facebook recently relaxed promotional guidelines. We take a look at the changes, how useful are they and why Facebook has made the changes now. Read more here.

4. TeleTango From Apptarix Is The New Social TV Network For Indian TV viewers: Android mobile app review of TeleTango from Apptarix the social TV network for Indian TV viewers. Read more here.

5. Pizza Hut India Promotes #SizeMatters For Its 23% Bigger Pan Pizzas, Launches Chompathon Pizza Eating Marathon: Review of Pizza Hut’s social media promotions for its 23% bigger pan pizzas, where #SizeMatters captures conversations on Twitter using Twitter contests and influencers, and an augmented reality pizza eating marathon. Read more here.

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