Indian Brands Cashing In On Skyfall 007 On Facebook

A list of Indian brands who are running Facebook campaigns around the latest bond movie Skyfall 007


Skyfall, the latest Bond movie is out in the Indian market and Indian brands are specially running Facebook campaigns around it. We look into the different Facebook campaigns by brands and their effectiveness.

“The name is Bond, James Bond”

The fictional character James Bond, code named 007 that was created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming is back on the big screen. Skyfall, the movie is the twenty third spy film of the James Bond series featuring Daniel Craig in it for the third time. The movie which was premiered on 23rd October 2012 in UK, has been released in India on the 1st of November, 2012. The film’s release coincides with the 50th anniversary of the James Bond series and that has got brands excited to market it considering the Bond frenzy amongst fans.

I, being an ardent fan of Bond, especially from the time Mr. Craig portrayed it, was quite keen to find out how Indian brands were building campaigns around it specially after seeing a thrilling campaign from Heineken.

So, here is a list of the major brands in India who are trying to cash in on the Skyfall fever.

1. AXN India


AXN India, which is celebrating its mark of 15 thrilling years in India, is also doing a small campaign for Skyfall 007. The brand had designed a contest during the premiere of the movie in which it tests your knowledge about the MI6- Special Agent James Bond.

The brand has designed a Facebook app which has an embedded international video of the movie and along with that it has a quiz contest. The app had one question for me to try my luck for free premiere show tickets of the movie. Being an ardent fan of Bond for me it was an easy one but even if you don’t know, you can always ask your friend Google.

There is nothing to talk about this contest since it was a simple vanilla one with one question to answer. Moreover, the contest is over according to T&C but you can still play if you want to test your knowledge. Not sure whether you will get tickets or spam emails from the brand. Rather than making me fill a form, the brand can easily grab my details with a Facebook connect button. When you run too many contests at one time these things happen. You can’t do justice to anyone and you end up creating clueless campaigns one after the other, as my friend Vijay was left with no thrill after he wrote about AXN Thrillionaires.

2. Sony India


Sony holds the tradition of owning James Bond’s electronics and mobiles and so Sony India has also carried the same tradition. The Facebook page of Sony India has started a festive offer keeping in mind the new flick of Bond.

Interestingly, the brand is not engaging with fans on any Facebook contest but providing a chance to win certain products when you purchase products from the stores. The app that has been built, is again just a static one with a graphic image and on click leads to the website. Must say this - another disappointing campaign designed with respect to the movie.

3. Movies Now

Movies Now rolled out a 360 degree campaign along side with the release of the latest Bond flick. The Hollywood television channel plans to screen all the 22 James Bond titles with the six leads. In order to do so, the channel has also planned a Facebook campaign on its Facebook page.


The campaign designed by the channel on Facebook is the best in comparison to others. The page not only has some interesting content being shared about every Bond movie but has also designed some better Facebook contests for fans.

Live Like Bond contest allows to live like a Bond by winning a free trip to Britain and experience iconic locations from all the Bond movies. The contest requires you to give a missed call and doesn’t require to do much.

Alongside, it is running a fun game where you get to answer some questions related to Bond and his lifestyle. End result the app will tell you which Bond you represent. If you really like such games then go for it. I did and was told that a I represent a Bond that I never liked.

The news in the market is that Movies Now is spending 3 crores for all the marketing efforts on the OOH campaign, wonder if they cared to do a bit more on social media. Clearly they could have reached a bigger audience.

Ending Thoughts

Brands targeting big events or festivals and building campaigns around it to increase their activity and engagement is nothing new. The problem comes when these campaigns have been built out of compulsion without giving any serious thought. For example, the AXN India was a no brainier campaign and by keeping it on till now shows the lack luster approach towards the entire campaign.

Sony is interested in simply selling it’s products and Movies Now is better when it is compared to the other two but overall nothing is spectacular or classy like the Bond.

My advice to the brands and the brains who were involved during the process is – Don’t come up with a campaign every week and target each and every occasion. It’s better to do a few but do them better than just do such vanilla type thrill less campaigns.

I hope that the movie restores my faith in James Bond 007 in Skyfall.